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New to PE

New to PE

Hey guys been on the forum for awhile thought I would post up some questions. I just got a bathmate and I was wondering if doing the newbie program and using the bathmate following excerscises would be to much to start off? Perhaps I should start by doing half of the reps/time of newbie program and doing only 10 min. Of the bathmate per day to start?. I’m just starting so I don’t want to over exert myself.

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Probably the easiest way to ensure a decent level is to stick with manual exercises, at least to start with and possible all the way. If you really want to use your bathmate, take it easy, use for short periods, and listen to your body. The bathmate has no pressure gauge, so it is hard to quantify exactly what you are doing with it. It is rather like the penis pumps of old with the bladder style pump, in that respect. I know there is a lot of hype about this device, right now, but we will probably look back on these devices as a toy in the future.

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Thanks for the advice that clears it up for me. But I do hope I didn’t buy this pump for nothing.

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