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New to PE

New to PE

Hi everyone,
I am new to PE and would like to have some opinions. I don’t think that I am small but still think that there is room for improvement. I don’t really know what size when flaccid coz it kinda changes all the time but my erect length is around 6 7/8 inches bp or 6 5/16 nbp. My girth depends on how excited I am but is around 5 3/8 at the base and a little over 5 in the middle (How do I rank? Am I pretty average ). I get really hard erections though so I figured that maybe I have some room to grow. I don’t want to have a HUGE improvement but would like to get thicker and maybe a little longer. I guess 3/4 of an inch in length and close to half an inch in girth would be ideal for me.

I heard great things about PE and I believe that there are ways to make you last longer as well. I am not a 2 pump chump but when I get really excited and I am all the way hard, I can’t go hard at it for a long time. After twenty seconds or so I feel like I have to slow down or I will explode. When I go hard at it, my girlfriend starts to get really into it but I always have to slow down. I can do it slowly all day long, the trouble is when I speed it up. What can I do about that? Now I just masturbate an hour before we do it. Then I can last forever but most the time I don’t even cum at all, and that becomes really awkward.

Please let me know what I should do. I don’t want to do anything with weights. Are there exercises that I could do in the shower or when I have free time. Also, how long does it take to see initial results? Hope to get a reply soon. I’m excited about starting the whole process. I hope I will be posting positive results soon.

In answer to your first question, your starting stats are well above average.

The best place to start with PE can be found here: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

As far as lasting longer/being a better lover, there’s a ton of good info on this site, most of which can be found in the Men’s Sexual Health forum.

Learning to use the search function will go a long way toward answering most questions you might have: How to use the Search button for best results

Welcome to Thunder’s, and good luck!

The best thread on the internet concerning penis size just so happens to be right here at Thunder’s.

Penis Size: The True Average

Your well over average bud.

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