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New to PE

New to PE

Hi. I just started PEing about a month ago when I found some free penis enlargement site. Yesterday I was surfing the net and I got here - great forum!

I am 24 years old student from Finland, I’m 6’1” (184cm) and about 195lbs (88kg). My current measurements are 6.5 / 4.5 (PB) and I’m hoping to get at least to 7 / 5. (inches)

You can see my routine at data site which I just developed. Check it out and tell me if there is something I should re-consider doing in a different way. Before that routine i did basic-workout that I found that free enlargement site. I havent yet accomplished any gain (i think), but the threads here have gave me hope to get some. Still, I’m a bit sceptical about PE can really work for one even though your posts tell something else :o

If I get results i will inform them on this thread.

btw, has someone made some kinda research how long it may take time to gain some length?



You have pretty reasonable goals and I think the L one is going to be realized soon. Many folks can gain that from a bit of jelqing or even PC work alone. A improvement in erection alone can give you that half inch. Girth is a bitch for most folks here, myself included. As far as time, it’s anyones guess, but most seem to see some pretty quick initial gains in L. I have no idea where your data site is as it is not listed in the above post. However, you can enter your data in the appropriate forum for all to see and comment on. Good Luck. groa

My bad.. Wrong word order :) I ment that Size’s PE Data Site. (link at bottom of this page) You can find my program there. I Don’t really know if that will help me to gain but gotta try for a few months. Need opinions!

Hey Johan,

Welcome and congrat’s on finding our site. You’ll find out that reading the threads will keep you not only well informed but higly motivated too.

Your lenght is above average while the girth is slightly below. Jelqing can increase your girth (When I started I gained 1/4”girth in just a few weeks), but later on you’ll need to add squeezes to gain girth. Work up slowly and gradually on the squeezes to avoid injury.

Good Luck

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Thank you for replies.

Yeah, reading these threads really keeps me really motivated. It’s kinda hard to keep days off even though I havent gained any yet.. :/

One thing I’d like to ask is :how can you lose the “fatlayer” that is above the pubic bone? I dont really have overweight, but that fat have always been there.. :( I’ve got too much of it (>1 inch).. I do sit-ups and go jogging but havent got any off..

Diet, my friend.

Workout and exercised are great, but the fat layer will not go away unless you elimimate the excess carbs and fats from your diet.

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