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New to pe.Question about extender

New to pe.Question about extender


I was wondering. How can I fit a penis extender like the x4 in the newbie routine. Is this possible?
Would I do all the exercises normally except the stretching?

Thank you.

Newbie routine is done with your hands only.

NO MACHINES. Too easy to injure yourself if you do not have knowledge about how your penis responds to PE.

Newbie routine will help you learn about your penis with lesser risk of injury. Best to do PE with hands only for at least three months.

You will probably gain length with hands-only and perhaps you will decide you don’t need an extender after all.

Ok thanks. Another question you might know. Is the jelq device any good or waste of money?

There is a thread here somewhere on building one for about $10.00 US in parts. I built one and did not find it useful. Because my penis is curved it kept slipping out on each stroke. So manual jelqs work much better for me.

Also there is some risk of damaging the dorsal nerve with these “jelq devices” if you are not careful.

You can use a penis extender to supplement the newbie routine but really, there is not point. The collected wisdom of Thunder’s Place emplores you to stick to the Newbie Routine for now.

Homemade Power JELQ

How would you damage the dorsal nerve with that, Sta? Doesn’t it apply pressure to the sides?

I’d build one, but I’m too lazy

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