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New to PE, Suggestions?

New to PE, Suggestions?

I’ve read quite a bit and tried to use the search function but pretty much everytime I type in something it wouldn’t show me the results, and I used over 3 words.

But anyways I am wondering quite a few things, below i found a routine for beginners, I want to start very very light, and not rush into things, I want to be safe, yet make a little progress at first, and still be able to make large gains later on if I feel the need.

Can you guys please review this, and possible add more detailed descriptions, such as what exactly should I do for warm up/down. What are good lubricants to use, can any of them be “homemade”, etc. I’ve looked around but I couldn’t really find any posts with visuals or pictures, this would be helpful.

Please feel free to post a new routine, remember I want to start out very light, or correct some things below. Also any other tips / advice would be appreciated.



5 minutes warmup
10 minutes streching
5 minutes jelqing
5 minute warmdown

For warmup/down you can microwave a wet towel, microwave a sock full of rice, use a heat pad, whatever you like. I do the sock of rice, personally. Don’t burn yourself, just warm yourself. You would do that 3x/week to start out with, then work yourself up to 5s/week over a month. Also, you would probably increase to 20 minutes stretching and 10 minutes jelqing incrementally during that that time.


Grasp the shaft with your hand just below the head. DON’T GRAB THE TOP OF THE SHAFT OR THE HEAD. Pull it for a 25 second set, then let is rest for 5 seconds. Repeat with the other hand. Keep alternating hands. You should be pulling it in all different directions in your workouts during the first month. 2 sets downward, 2 sets outward, 2 sets right, 2 sets left, and 2 sets upward, then repeat, would be 10 minutes. You may want to increase the legnth of your sets, or do more sets, until you are doing 20 minutes per routine by the end of the month. Do not use lubrication for this exercise. You may want to use talc or baby powder as a “grip” agent. I personally don’t, but many people find powders like that to be helpful. If you feel pain by the end of your stretching routine, you’re doing it too hard. If you don’t feel fatigued at all, you’re not doing it hard enough. We are looking for fatgue after workouts, but neigher pain nor exhaustion.

Achieve and mantain a 60-70% erection. Lubricate your shaft with a water-based lubricant. Put both of your hands in the OK position, that is, make a circle with your pointer finger and your thumb. Open up this circle/ring of your pointer/thumb and put the base of your shaft in it. Put some pressure on your shaft with the “ring”. Start your stroke up the shaft, while keeping the pressure on your shaft, and engorging the shaft of the penis with blood. Go all the way up the shaft, and stop just before the head. Your strokes should be 3-5 seconds long. Release your hand and repeat with the other hand. Keep on alternating hands.


Well, you want to start here —> START HERE —&gt; Most Important Newbie Threads/Info

It helped me a lot. The vets will probably have more advice for you, though.

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