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New to PE. Quick Questions

New to PE. Quick Questions

Hey guys, Been readin up on all this stuff. I’m fairly secure about my units size. Havent measured in a while but I’m between 6.75inch to 7inches. Width I’m not to sure about. I think last time I measured (over a year ago) looking down at the ruller across it said 2” when placed on the top of my shaft. Whether that says anything or not I’m not sure.

Here is my situation. I’m 19 and moved away from my girl friend about a year ago. Still with her going strong have been with her for 2 and a half years. She comes the 3000 miles to visit me every 3-4 months. I’m thinking about doing some PE. Here is one concern/question. I am 6’ 170lbs and my girl friend is 5’6” 110lbs. She’s not a big girl. When fucking my girl friend, Doing doggy style it hurts her, when I go to deep and if she allowed me to to fuck her with her legs on my shoulder it hurts her too. So I’m not sure if I really need the legnth. All and all I’m happy with my dick and she is more than happy with it. I just am interested in making it bigger for the sake of making it bigger.

The great thing about my situation is my girl friend is moving out to where I am in 1 year exactly and counting. I think it would just be real cool if I could make some good gains before she moved here. I have a pump because I bought it when I was about 17 because I was more insecure about my size before I lost my virginity. So I have a pump, never really used it.. I just wanted to see what you guys thought of my situation. Let me know guys.

Hi nolimits and welcome to Thunders,

You have great starting stats and should begin with manual exercises, stretching and jelqing.


First of all, Welcome to Thunder’s nolimits. I have been reading this forum for some time, but did not join until April. Most of the things that you will read, will tell you to stick with the basic newbie routine for 1-2 months. This is a wise thing to do because it will condition your unit for stronger excersizes. One of the first things that I learned here was to listen to the “Vets”. Not that I am one, but they speak from years of wisdom.

As far as your g/f is concerned, the biggest thing that I can tell you is forplay. It takes a few minutes to prepare her for your unit. The more forplay that you do, the more of you she can take with comfort. I have been married for 14 years and to this day, my wife needs still needs it. All women do. I am about the same size as you and I can tell you that there has been more than a few times that there was a wam bam thank you mam and she complained that it hurt. I have always felt that I was not in the large department, but like you was not ashamed of it either. It took me a few years to learn what buttons to push so I would not bottom out causing her pain.

I am not sure where it is, but there are some threads here at Thunders that talks about how the vagina opens up and there is a lot more room (depth and width) with turning her on to the max. It is just alot more pleasurable for both parties. Maybe ThunderSS could help you find them if you can’t find them doing a search.

Well, take it easy and I hope that you get all that you are wanting for there is nothing wrong with wanting more. Just remember do not over do it. Let you unit tell you when it wants to rest and when it’s ready for more. This is a game of PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE.

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Welcome, nolimits.

Just a couple bits of advice for you.

First and most important read all you can, starting with the Newbie Thread referrenced in my signature.

Start with the Newbie Routine for several months. This will get you used to doing the exercise and get your unit used to them as well.

Start of easy. There is no need to rush things. Injuries are very easy to come by if you get too eager and do too much. PE is perfectly safe if you understand your limits and learn the warning signs of overworking. PE takes time. Remember that.

Stretching and Jelqing are the building blocks to a successfull PE routine. Learn to do them properly. Go to the Tutorials Forum and watch the videos. Then if you still have questions ask. The only stupid question is one that isn’t asked and gets you hurt.

Good luck to you. Hope all works out well with the g/f. I know how annoying those long distance relationships can be. Her moving closer is sweet. Let us know if you have any questions during your reading.


Alright guys. I started yesterday. Gonna try to do it every night after my shower. Won’t the girl friend be suprised next time she sees me. I’m just worried if I make significant gains that I may hurt her. She is already tight and can be uncomfortable for her sometimes. Also I will have to get my measurements tonight. Thanks guys!

And make some good photo’s!!!

(if you don’t, you’ll regret it later)

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Hi there no-limits,

A noob myself so there won’t be any advice regd PE.

I’m in a long distance relationship as well we are sort of on the same boat here except that you are allready blessed with a bigger unit :p

Sometimes my girlfriend does experience pain but at other times we’v had some crazy sexcapades. Physically my girlfriend and me arent big and more or less of similar build.

I rekkon the main thing is to just get her ready for it and go with the easy positions for a few times before you get into the deeper penetration.. And here’s the upside.. If she’s tight it means she aint fooling around on the side ;-p

All the best in your PE journey !

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