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New to PE, had a couple questions

New to PE, had a couple questions

Hey how’s it going guys. I’m new here to the whole PE world and first off I would just like to say that I KNEW THERE WAS A WAY TO ENLARGE YOUR DICK!! Hahaha.. In the past I had taken some PE pills, (bad decision) and after that experience I got depressed because I thought all hope was lost. But yet something deep inside me kept saying that there HAD to be a way to get bigger. Seeing all those skinny porn stars with massive cocks made me motivated to find out if PE was real. And alas, I found Thunder’s! By the way, I really want to give a congratulations to Lil1 to his progress, because your journey and your goals are VERY similar to mine. So with that being said, here’s where I stand:

I’m currently in my 7th week of PE are here’s what I notice:

I started at 5.25” BPEL and now currently I notice that I’m getting rock hard erections and a ton of new veins that I haven’t noticed before. Also, I THINK that I’m gaining length but I’m not sure if I’m just not measuring accurately or what.(I think I measured at 5.375” BPEL, but I’m NOT giving myself the benefit of the doubt because it’s too early. On the other hand when I masturbate, it definitely feels bigger). I’m using a modified newbie routine with stretches behind the left cheek, straight back behind the cheeks, then behind the right cheek. Then I stretch straight down-left, straight down, straight down-right and 25 rotary stretches pointing downwards. Then straight left, straight up, straight right, and 25 rotary stretches. I do 2 sets of these at 30 seconds each, then I do one last set of all 1 minute each. I finish with 600 wet jelqs at about 35-40% erection. I’m currently doing 5 days on (Mon-Fri) and rest 2 days (Sat and Sun). Now I have a couple of questions:

A. About what time frame should I know that I’m not gaining and that it’s time to change up my routine?
B. About when should I start hanging? (Lil1 up there seems like he started hanging his first month!)
C. Where do I get that Bib starter hanger?
D. My girth is fine(haven’t measured), but should I not do jelq’s at all and just focus on stretching?
E. When and how often should I measure so I don’t get my confidence crushed?
F. Does it matter if you measure while sitting or standing?

I just wanted to clear these questions up guys, because I’m very serious about PE, and I don’t want to be doing useless exercises if they won’t aim specifically towards my goal.

My goal by May 29th 2007: 5.75” BPEL, just so I can be average!

I would really appreciate it if you guys cleared up my routine to meet my goal. Let me know what needs to be done, and I promise I’ll reach it with pics to prove it. I’m in this for the long haul, I just need a bit of guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Originally Posted by d0ve5185
.And alas, I found Thunder’s! ..

This one cracked me up:D look it up and you’ll know why

Anyway, good luck on your journey, as they say here. I’ll let the answering of questions to the vets here ;)

A) It’s different from person to person. IMO I would say give it 2-3 months.
B) IMO, you should condition your penis well before hanging as it can cause serious damage if you don’t.
C) Do a search.
D) If it is only length your after then just stretch. But some stretching can also add some girth.
E) Well, most people including myself measure every month.
F) If you have a big fat pad, then sitting would have some effect on your measurement.

If you read some topics posted before, you would of found these answers :P XD :)

Although i’m no expert, I agree with what okish6er says. In terms of the hanging question (b) I figure it would be just common sense to do as much as you can before moving towards extra measures. Also regarding (D) it’s been argued on the forums that jelqing at a low level erection helps with length gains… but I’m not sure if it’s because you end up stretching the tissue more or because of the blood pump. In any case, for the sake of well-roundedness, I’d suggest jelqing if you’re going to be stretching. If anything, your flaccid hang afterwards in the mirror just motivates you to commit yourself and do it again the next day.

*edit* on a side note, since I’m new to the forum too, I really appreciate it when people like okish6er actually take the time to answer questions. We all have a lot of questions at the beginning and sometimes it’s hard to filter through all the crap posts. If you haven’t checked it out already, Penis Enlargement Manual article is a great place to start.

Lesson Learned: Your penis will not grow if you PE 2 times a month.

Start: 12-10-06 NBPEL: 4.75" BPEL: 5.00" EG: 5.15" :wave:

Current: BPEL: 5.25" EG 5.25" Goal: BPEL: 7.25" EG: 6

> F. Does it matter if you measure while sitting or standing?

Yes, when sitting the measurement taken is usually longer. It’s also easier for taking pictures if you have a tripod. Make sure you stick with one position when tracking your progress, though. Personally, I just try to get the longest measurement I possibly can … and that means sitting down.

Current stats: 8" BP, 5.5" EG ~ Goal: 8" NBP, 6" EG

Wiki Picture Proof ~ My progress thread with measurement pictures

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