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New To PE- Clocking In

New To PE- Clocking In

What’s up everybody, I’m new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. I’ve read posts here before but never registered as a member. I recently registered about a week or two ago and have been reading a few posts here and there for motivation. I’m 21 years old and I’m from New York City. I haven’t started peing yet but as soon as this post is done I pretty much am going to start. I figure I’ll start with the newbie routine which I’m sure is what the vets/experienced will recommend anyway. I’m looking to gain just 1-1.5 inch in EL, FL, and maybe some girth, nothing to unrealistic. My NBPEL is 6 to 6.2 inches depending on my EQ at the time. I haven’t measured the for the other stats yet but I will soon. Hopefully I can stay consistent and get this 7.5 inches I desire. If anyone has any tips or something I should know that I might not at the moment please let me know, thanks guys.

Welcome to thunders. Start slow. Pe is not a race and it will take time. Your goal doesn’t seem unrealistic. If you put in the time and consistency you should be able to get there. I recommend you start with the linear newbie routine in my signature. It’s a great routine to work up to the right intensity.

Hood luck brother.


2nd day of newbie routine. Finding it difficult not to masturbate when jelquing lol. When I’m jelquing is there suppoused to be mild pain or am I going to far up? Also a bit difficult to stay fully erect but I won’t get discouraged

You don’t want to be fully erect when jelqing. As you get conditioned you may experiment with it but for now 60-80% erection is where you want to be. That’s probably why you are feeling the pain you describe. Jelqing should not hurt at all.

If you are having problems keeping your erection level low enough, try masturbating before your session.

Thanks man. If it’s 60-80 then I should have no problem that’s about where it stays for most of the time. I was reading the threads about masturbating before/after and if it effects gains but everyone had mixed opinions so I wasn’t sure what I should do.

I am in my third month and after a long period of abstinence from masturbation, also found after my jelqing sessions wanted to finish it off and dump a load. However getting more disciplined now, started on the Holy Grail Cum Load med, and determined to abstain, store up and got for only ejaculating during sex with my wife. Why waste it. The only time I cum after a jelq is to measure cum load, which for me has doubled!

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