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New to pe and worried

New to pe and worried

Like it says I’m new to pe, started about a day ago with the newbie routine. All the stories of success here I finally motivated me to give it a try even though I’m not 100% sure. For me id say failure is not an option I have no choice but to reach my goal. I’m currently about 5 1/2 NBPL and 6 1/2 BPL and 5 EG my goal in this area is to gain a 1 inch short term and 3 long term. I think I may want to gain girth but right now it’s not a real concern.

Any advice on a quick route(no short cuts I know) to reach my short term goal would be helpful. I wanna get there as fast I possible so far in life only 3 women have seen my penis. Sadly I have actually avoided sex with alot of women because my size troubles me. So there it is the whole story to my 911 call.

:) The only way to go is up!

Originally Posted by newshorts
Any advice on a quick route(no short cuts I know) to reach my short term goal would be helpful.

Unfortunately there are no quick routes with PE.

Only advice I can offer is PE smart and listen to how your penis responds. Don’t get impatient. If you find something that works, stick with it. No need to change anything if it’s already working perfectly. And lastly, read, read and then after that, read a little more! :)

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I believe that most guys can gain an inch or more in length if they stick with it. What time frame do you consider “short term”? Some guys do gain very fast but most don’t. An inch in 1 to 1.5 years is probably a realistic goal but many would not consider this to be short term. A gain of three inches is not impossible but now we are talking loooong term indeed.

Have you considered boosting you NBP by lowering your body fat?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

My Body fat I would have to guess is pretty low I’m only 145 and 5’7 ish. Short term goal I’m hoping to be 6 months tops. Also I’ve read alot of people talk about hanging what are most using to help suspend the weight? Because I’ve been thinking of doing the newbie routine 2 days then hang on the third and rest or something like that.

Also before this site I did have some streching ideas I use to try on my own Id get semi erect and aim it downward holding it straight down. I figure’d id gain some length from that but for whatever reason possibly no warm up or something I didnt really gain. It varied from day to day after a 3 days I would gain 1/2 then seemed to almost disapper albeit slowly.

3 inches I think is possible easily realistic only because of something crazy I saw on tv. A man in indonesia could wrap his penis around a stick and rubberband roll it in every direction.. Sure it took alot of time but still amazing.

Don’t get ahead of yourself yet, see what results the newbie routine yields. You may be a fast gainer yet, its too early to tell. Hanging needs a conditioned unit.

Good Luck

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Make sure to consider that you may indeed be able to find a faster routine to reach your short term goal, but it may compromise your long term goals.

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