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New to PE and hope to buy an extender

New to PE and hope to buy an extender

Hey everybody!
My name is Captain Kangaroo and I’ve been interested in PE for some time, though never knew how to go about it.
What I hope to buy is an extender, like size genetics (though it is expensive).
I have ~150 dollars saved up to buy one.

My current measurements are
7.2” BPEL
7” EG (at the base)
6.5” MS-EG

What I’m looking to do is increase flaccid length, because I’m definitely a grower. If I can break eight inches hard that would be damned cool too! I’m a little insecure in the locker room and have always been. The rest of my measurements are -
4.1” FL
5” FG

Can any of you guys recommend me an extender? I have done some reading on the site and am not sure which one to get. Size Genetics doesn’t seem to customise for girth which is a concern of mine.

Hi Kangaroo,

Honestly I’d recommend the AutoExtender by monkeybar (, or some other similar vacuum-based extender device if you’re going that route — the AutoExtender KR kit would fit in your price range (~$139USD). I use the AutoExtender vacuum head and it’s an excellent device — very comfy and all that. Be prepared to put in (eventually) multiple hours per day of wear-time though if you want to see results. It’s really not a 30min-and-done type device. On the other hand if your lifestyle is such where you can wear it under clothing throughout the day while doing other things I have found that extending really a fantastic ‘passive’ solution.

All that said… have you tried the newbie routine (Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine) and manual exercises yet at all? At bare minimum you might want to give the newbie routine a shot for a month and simply see how it works for you. Many folks gain without the use of any equipment whatsoever, and I’d consider it very wise to start with that to “condition” yourself and your penis to the handling and work of PE. Best case scenario is you save $150 and get a bigger penis. Worst case scenario is you go into extending prepared and don’t injure yourself from the sudden strain. It’s win-win to me. :)

Newbie Routine:
Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Thanks fnargle. I’ll be learning the newbie program this week I think.
There’s a lot of instructional videos to go through and I sure don’t want to damage anything. It’s a lot to process. Part of the attraction for a traction stretcher is that I can put it on, go to work at my office job all day, and come home with a lot of PE done. Thanks for the recommendation on the monkeybar device, I’ll seriously consider buying it.

I’m curious, what do you think about the TLC or VTLC Tugger? Is that considered reputable on the forum?
I’m only asking because it’s just fifty bucks and seems pretty easy to use, and it looks more discreet under clothes than a cage-like traction stretching device. Thanks, KG.

Hey Kangaroo,

I can hardly fault you there about wanting something to just put on and go on with things. That’s why I use my vacuum extender and hang light weights with it as well — allows me to work and get about with my day while not having to concentrate on manually jelqing, etc. Though I do still jelq and do manual stretches, just not as much as the folks who rely on that as their main source of PE.

I don’t have any experience with the TLC Tugger stuff so I can’t comment, unfortunately. Sorry. Briefly looking at their site though I’m guessing you’re interested in it because of concealment and the ability to use it as an all-day sort of stretch? (You might see that referred to as an “ADS” on the boards) Lots of folks have devised methods and/or ADS-type devices that will strap to your leg and be very discreet. For instance, you could use the monkeybar autoextender for that, in addition to hanging and extending. Alternatively you could assemble your own device for minimal cost, something like the Captain’s Wench, which can be used for ADS, is very well regarded: The Captn’s Wench - Hanger, Manual Stretcher, ADS

Aside from that there’s probably tons more out there on the forums, or in the Penis Enlargement Manual

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