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New to PE a few questions

New to PE a few questions

I have been doing PE for nearly 2 weeks now, with positive results so far. But I still have a few questions which I couldn’t answer using the forum search.

1. Does a regular workout (non PE) effect PE in any way? Positive or negative?

2. What is the best PE regime (X days on, X days off)? I’m currently doing about 4 days on, 2 days off, but I still feel like a good ol’ tug whenever I see my cock on the days off.. Haha.. But will this effect my progress much?

3. What is best erection level for newbies while doing PE? I’m currently doing stretches at about 10-20% and jelqs at 40-50%.

Thanks for all feedback. Because of my positive results (and I’m hoping some sweet newbie gains shortly) ill post routine and pics as soon as I can.

1. A regular workout will just overall improve your well being, including penis health.

2. Number of days doesn’t effect your progress. Sure, if you take too much time off, you will not grow and doing PE for too many days without a break can be a negative. See how your penis can handle X amounts of days and slowly increase that amount until you know the x amount of days before needing a rest.

3. Try jelqing at around 50-70%.

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Normal workouts improve and increase blood circulation throughout the body, so it would most likely benefit you in PE. Best for scheduling for a newbie is 2 on 1 off. Doi this for w while just to condition your dick, then move on to what you do currently. Stretching should be done completely flaccid and jelqing from 40-75%.

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Thanks for the great (and fast) responses. See you all in a few weeks :D

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