New to PE; a couple of questions

Hi everybody!

I’m new to PE, started about 6 weeks ago with the newbie routine. I have now gradually increased the amount of jelqing, I’m doing 3 days on 1 day off now with about 400 jelqs per day with 10mins of stretching and ofc the warmups/downs.

I have a couple of questions though:

Instead of the OK-grip I use the pinchgrip. I have developed my own style using the index- and middlefinger horizontally. I find it a lot easier like this to start the grip from the very base and atleast by telling how much my glans is swelling up during jelqing I think it’s effective enough.
Does anyone have any opinion if the OK-grip is still better in any way? I just find it difficult to use it so I went on with the pinchgrip.

Also in the newbie routine-thread it says your penis should hang a lot fuller after a jelqing session for some hours. I don’t really have that, although my flaccid size is a bit bigger in general these days since Pe’ing. EQ good until so far, havent seen any other trouble yet either. Sometimes I have this funny tingling feeling inside my glans after a session but it fades later on.

Another thing is, I’m considering of buying a penispump aswell. Would it be too early for that and if not how should I include pumping into my routine without overdoing, any suggestions? Also what should a good pump feature so I don’t end up buying any crap :)

Thanks for responding and btw nice to meet ya all :)