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New to P.E.; just wanted to introduce myself.

New to P.E.; just wanted to introduce myself.

What’s up everyone; been reading the threads here for a couple of weeks and absorbing as much info as I can. 28 years old and starting my P.E. Routine today

Now, I’m not looking to turn myself into John Holmes, nor am I the kind of guy that’s really into chicks who make a big deal out of dick size. But, I’d be lying if I said that the issue of my erect size (5.4”) didn’t bother me. In some ways I think it’s actually hurt my sex life because of the slight embarrassment I have about it.

I’m basically looking to increase length to about 6.5” to maybe 7” at the most with a maintenance routine to follow. Any added gains in girth would be cool, but, as I said, I’m not interested in porno size.

The threads I’ve been reading here have been inspirational and made me hopeful that if I apply the same discipline to this that I do to exercising and lifting weights, I can finally deal with this issue head on.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I’ll post updates in a couple of weeks to let you know how things are going. Any advice would be appreciated; just send me a PM.


You have the right attitude eric, consistency and stick-ability with the aim of gradual and realistic gains. I wish you well and I am pleased to be the first to welcome you, to Thunder’s Place.

To be honest :rolleyes: , I’m not too hot on anything technical :noreally: , from me it would mostly be a stab in the dark :nodding: , but there are plenty of experienced members who will help you out in any way they can.

I’m more into the recreational side of the Forum :gulp:

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

Welcome and good luck.

Good luck Erick. Myself, I started on the Mar-29th.
Here is my story, I never had anyone complaining about my dick seize except one french girl who said to me once, ohhh you have reg seize which made me uncomfortable, I don’t know what she was expecting lol. Anyways, my seize is about 6.12inch bp when I started bp, I really didn’t measure it, just looking at it. But I was so excited when I was doing research in Google and I found out about this site. I always use to get emails about how ot make your penis get bigger and better, but never believed on them or the pills since they ask for money and they offer inches in return which makes it too good to be true. The money thing isn’t big deal to make my penis big, but like what I said, it is too good to be true.
So, when I found this site and other sites also, I was so happy, and I started to read the messages and how to PE. I was surprised on how easy it is to make my penis bigger. I always thought of pulling it away from my body may make it bigger, but always afraid to make it disabled lol. So, I learned how to PE, and stated on the 29th. I had in mind if I gain 1inch a year that will be a the greatest, but things actually went better than I thought.

I started stretching it, and unfortunately I was pulling hard and for an hour, the next day I did the samethig and jelqing also. Until the 5th day. I had to stop to rest it, it was swelling and amazing. Just looking at it made me feel different person. It was hanging out which I never experienced in my life. The confidence started to build. Anyways, I took 4 days off to rest it, and I started again, but this time I work one day on and one day off, why? B/c I read somewhere else that everyday PE isn’t good idea, b/c penis cells and tissue need time to heal, the more time they heal and grow, the more success and the more speeding up growth you will get. The penis cells grow while we are resting, not while we are jelqing it or hanging it. Cells need to breath and be alive.
Honestly, God is my witness here, my gains went up at least half an inch, and feels thicker too. All I do is very very simple. Warm it up in the shower for few minutes and massage the ligs at the same time. Then go for stretching first for average of 15 minutes(of course I rest for little)and then I start to jelq it while watching a porn movie to keep the blood pumping in around 60 to 75% erect. That way I am in control. I worked out my ligs very well while putting my foot on the chair an stretch it. And this past few days, my ligs started to hear noise pop, and it feels sore. At first I was afraid I didn’t mess-up with God’s creature, and afraid I didn’t break something, but everything is well except some soreness, but my penis is well. So, when I finish I massage it and take hot shower which makes it feel better. And in my free time while watching tv or driving sometimes, I do PC workout. It really makes a different on how hard and curbing I get from it. I wish I knew about it long time ago, at least my confidence would be better than ever.

So my confidence is much better and high, and I am aiming 7.5” to 8”bp, my girth is already fine.

Hi there Erik, and good luck. I’ve recently started PE (for the second time) and have recorded gains in less than two months (actually 33 routines).

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