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New to P.E. and wanted to thank everyone

New to P.E. and wanted to thank everyone

Hello, I am new to P.E. And just wanted to thank everyone. After feeling smaller then most I started searching the web for good information on how to enlarge my penis and found this wonderful and useful site.

I then began reading the many post and thinking this really works so about a month ago I set up a routine and started in.
I am still learning the terms that are use on this board but the information I have gained and the length I have put on in just a short time has made me want to be apart of the P.E. World.

I started out an average 6” and in only one months time I have added an half inch. My wife noticed that I feel harder and last longer since starting the routine.
I am using the newbie routine and hanging. Still working on the milking part to get it down right but that will come in time , I am sure.

Congrats on the gains and welcome!

Have you checked out the video tutorials and the FAQ site? (See my sig) If you need a visual on how to get milking stuff right you will find it there.


Welcome, Memno! Those are some excellent gains!


Welcome and congratulations…you’re off to a great start. Remember to take things slowly as you progress, that’s the best way to keep the gains coming.

Sizemeister , Thanks for the video links I am going to watch them and take lots of notes. I have read through 90% of the FAQ’s prior to being able to sign up for the board they helped a lot.

Xenolith , Thanks for the words of wisdom I will take it slow. I was just amazed at how much I gained in such a short time but I do not expect it to continue as quickly as it has.

Originally Posted by memno
…I will take it slow.

Good for you. It will serve your purposes.

Originally Posted by memno
I was just amazed at how much I gained in such a short time but I do not expect it to continue as quickly as it has.

Yes it is amazing isn’t it?! This is what makes going slow difficult for some newbies, me, when I was one, included. One can get so encouraged by the rate of initial gains that one ramps up training intensity in an effort to keep gains coming at the same rate. This just aint gonna happen, as I’m pleased to see that you understand this. What happens instead is one strengthens one’s dick, a bad thing for purposes of PE.

A good source of tips for how to “walk (jelq) the line” is provided in the following Physiological Indicators (PI) link. Very worthwhile reading, I think.

RoomToGrow - Physiologic Indictors (PIs) to help growth!

Keep educating yourself, seek counsel from your friends here at Thunders when uncertain and best of luck with your PE efforts,



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