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New to Jelqing Red Spots

New to Jelqing Red Spots

Hi, everybody.

I’m brand new to jelqing. I’ve been reading up what info I can find on the net. I’ve also been perusing these forums a bit.

I’m on my second day of jelqing. I saw that somebody recommended submersing your package in hot water and stretching beforehand. Then lubricating and jelqing while submersed in the hot water.

I’m probably being an overzealous beginner, but I already jelqed for 15 minutes this morning. I came back to it in the evening after reading the suggestion about hot water.

I warmed up with some stretching that might’ve been a bit intense. I finished stretching and looked at my penis. I noticed some red spots on each side. I immediately stopped all stretching and I did not jelq.

Is this normal? Am I injuring myself? Any tips?

Thanks for any help.

The red spots are normal, but one thing I do recommend doing if you see any discoloration at all is the firegoat roll, it’s very easy to do and helps in the long run, cheers.

Alright, thanks for the help. I tried doing the firegoat roll after each jelqing/stretching session. The initial spots have disappeared and a few new ones have appeared.

What does the appearance of red spots indicate?

That you probably applied a bit more pressure than your penis is prepared to take. More warm-up, gradually building up intensity or applying a bit less pressure might help.

So effective PE can be achieved without red spots/discoloration? Or is this to be expected?

I just saw a post where somebody said that red spots leave small, dark sounded like he was saying that they build up over time, causing cumulative and permanent discoloration

Spots are normal when you are starting. Once you get more conditioned it won’t happen any more. Go easy to start.. More pressure isn’t always good.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m not sure if I’m getting enough blood in or if I’m jelqing properly.

I’m considering buying the andropenis. It might be a pain to wear a device for 4 to 9 hours (plus breaks every 2 hours), but at least I wouldn’t have to worry about improper technique.

At the same time, I just started.maybe I should be patient with jelqing.

Does anyone know the pros and cons of using a penile traction device?

Besides the fact that you have to buy and wear the penile traction device for several hours a day, does manual jelqing have any innate advantages?

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