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New to Jelqing, already seeing gains

New to Jelqing, already seeing gains

Hi everyone! First, thanks for the forum information.

I’m 32, and started jelqing on 9/19 with a starting BPEL of 6.75” and and an EG of 5.125”.

After just 2 weeks of a newbie routine, I’m at 7.5” BPEL, 5.25” EG, 6.5” NBPEL. I even had a few days where I measured 7.625 to 7.75” BPEL.

This is beyond the potential measuring margin-of-error, so I know that jelqing works! I also know that these early gains have been a bit unusual, and are unlikely to continue. But, wanted to give a testimonial to encourage others. I also wanted to solicit critique/advice on my routine.

I’m currently doing 3 days on, 1 day off.
I start off with a 10 minute warm-up with a heated, rice-filled sock
Then 2-3 minutes of flaccid stretching in all directions
Then 200 reps of lubed jelqing, about 60-75% erect. I usually divide this into about 4 sets of 50, because I start to lose my erection. I do about half of these pointing down, and half pointing straight out.
Then 10 minutes of warm-down with the heated rice sock.

I do kegels throughout the day, and I’ve been practicing coitus reservatus for a couple months.

I noticed that the “core” of my flaccid penis is firm most of the time now. My skin is also a little tender on workout days, but no major pain. My goal is 8”+BPEL/7”+NBPEL and 5.5-6” EG.

Good gains man. I just finished my 1st month and about to post my results also.

Congrats. Great gains.

I also just finished my first month. Interesting to see both of you got great gains with smaller numbers of jelqs.

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