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New to jelqing, 2 months no girth

New to jelqing, 2 months no girth

So I have started jelqing about 2 months ago (1.5-2) and have been doing the following:
Warm up

Helicopters to get blood in
Stretch straight up and kegel 25 times, then 10 big circles left, 10 right.

Then same thing to the left

Same to the right

Same straight out.

Then I do jelqs overhand alternating hands. I do about 100 (200 total, 100 each hand).

I started about 5 3/4. I am now about 6 1/4, but I have not seen any girth gains?? What am I doing wrong? I thought those were the first to gain

Yesterday I tried clamping with one hand then jelqing down with the other and THAT seemed to work really well. My penis felt kind of tingly (in a good way, not painful but almost like when a limb wakes up). It also seemed like it got it swollen more. Would this maybe be a better method for me?

I cannot seem to get V jelqs down. Is the blood supposed to get trapped when doing those?
And the same with the overhand, I just don’t feel like I have the hang of them


I would follow the newbie routine. That’s what I have been doing since I started a month ago and I have gained 1/8” in girth so far. Don’t overdo it, especially with any type of clamping until you are well conditioned. (Many months on newbie routine) I am no pro at this but have done extensive research to protect myself from over training. Good luck!

Started PE 6/14/13. BPEL 6.5", NBPEL 5.5", MSEG 4.75"

7/18/13 BPEL 6.75, NBPEL 5.75, MSEG 4.875

8/9/13 BPEL 7", NBPEL 6", MSEG 4.875

Give the newbie routine another month just to make sure you are conditioned. Personally I did not gain girth with jelqing. I added pumping in after three months of newbie, that appears to be what stimulated my girth growth.

Ok. Are pumping gains permanent? What pumps are good?

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