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new to jelging

new to jelging

Ok I grab my penis with the ok clamp,slide forward to the head,and start with the other hand back at the base and do the same. Am I supposed to squeze the head down when I get to the tip? My head gets filled with blood ,and gets big. Is this ok? Also is this considered stretching?

Hey Dragster,

Stop each stroke a little before the glans.

Its ok for the glans to increase in size but make sure you have a sufficient erection level.

You do tend to stretch as part of a jelqing.

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hey drag

put some lotion on it and get it to semi erect and do the ok sign and push it to the head. it might take a few strokes to work up enough blood to where you get to about a half inch or an inch before the head untill u get pumped at the end. keep in mind that the end depends on where your blood level pump is at that pint of erection level. just esperiment untill you feel that at least some area under the head is pumped too.its alla personal thing. i would look at a porn pic or whatever u need to get semi hard and start there and then look away and look at it like a workout.

keep alternating hands. under hand or overhand whatever feels most comfortable to you. the point is to keep pushing all the blood your brain sends too your cock at the end of it like your trying to milk it out. dont go too fast i would make each hand last at least 2.5 seconds. if you feel any pain just let your grip loosen a little. you have too find your groove man. take the time to find your max intensity and do whatever you can untill it hurts and then scale back. its called instinctive training

i just thought that if u could go up and past the head that u werent hard enough

dont ever do it hard, just semi.

thatsmy advice

only mine

search the forums dude and thank thunder for all this

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