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New to it. In it to extend it

Man, it seems that your problem isn´t related to size but to ejaculation problemas and bedroom skills. I think that pleasure for the ladies comes from 50% skills and 50% size. Try to improve your technique as well to improve your size and you will blow her head off.

Just never, I mean NEVER, press a girl to give a comment about your size or worst, a comment about a previous partner size.

Just concentrate on those two factors and you will be good to go.

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Man, I wish you good luck!

As far as P.E. And sex goes I’m a newbie, but I say you should go for girth more than length. Well try to gain length as well if you think you need it, but girth should be your priority (for satisfying your woman), according to your stats and to what have I read on this forum. Or maybe you can even ask your wife what exactly she wants and then focus on that? Anyway, wish you good luck and be careful so you don’t end up hurting yourself!
Hope my support is worth something even though I’m a newbie :)


Originally Posted by howardson
I thought I had read enough “how to do it” sex books, but now I find a new one on G-spot and The fifteen minute orgasm you might want to read—-since you also seem interested in working out etc. It is “4-hour Body” by T . Ferriss. It has been discussed on TP and there is a current thread on it. Seems hitting the G-spot has little to do with size since usually it can be felt with your finger. This is just a ” in the mean time” suggestion until you get your 8x6. Avantasia’s suggestion is right. Stay with the newbie routine and good luck. ( The book is Amazon, about $15).


I’ll look for that book this weekend.

Welcome to PE, wordsthoughts, from one Pennsylvanian to another. PE takes time and dedication, but it works! Best of luck to you.

Starting stats- BP 5x4.5 (2002) Current stats- PBEL 7.25x5.25 (2012) PE is a marathon, not a sprint!

Jelqs do both length and girth. 1.5”x1” in a year is unlikely, but everything is possible. You should notice a better EQ after few weeks anyway, and a harder penis feels like a bigger penis. Best of luck of course.

Originally Posted by higherone
Welcome to PE, wordsthoughts, from one Pennsylvanian to another. PE takes time and dedication, but it works! Best of luck to you.

Thanks for the Pa welcome! Nice gains by the way!

Welcome to Thundersplace!

Stick with the newbie routine for at least 3 months before moving on to devices. The newbie routine will teach you a lot about how your penis responds to PE. You need this knowledge to more safely use devices.

Also you may gain everything you need with newbie.

As to the lost size and weaker erections, THINK ABOUT PHYSICAL FITNESS as well as penis enlargement.

— If you lose that extra fat you will see more visible penis.

— Plus if you do get in good cardiovascular shape your erections will be harder.

Now I wanted to address somethings that trouble me, I saw a couple of thing in your post that seem like red flags, dealing with how you perceive yourself:

Originally Posted by wordsthoughts
My wife never denies me sex and hasn’t complained much except saying she wants to lay back enjoy being effed instead of having to move and angle her stuff to orgasm under me.

This sounds like are seen by her more as a hotel concierge who must please her rather than her husband, equal partner and lover. Both people should be active in sex and contribute to each other’s pleasure. Honestly the notion that you are 100% responsible for everything that happens in the bedroom is unhealthy. Your wife is just as responsible as you are. I hope you both can work that out.

Originally Posted by wordsthoughts
I will admit that out of maybe 23-24 women partners she is one of only 4 that came during intercourse.

Whether a woman can have vaginal orgasms during intercourse has more to do with her anatomy than a man’s anatomy. That is what current research indicates - some women are “built” for vaginal orgasms, others are not. So don’t beat yourself up about this (“Did I live up to my Hotel Concierge Quality Pledge?”)

I appreciate her honesty and want to grow my dick so I can hit her gspot because she said she can have gpot orgasms but only has clitoral ones with me.

See above, and the others who have pointed out the G spot is only a few inches in.

Welcome again, you are going to do great!

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Sta-kool beat me to it. I second everything he says.

While it seems your situation is fairly stable I’d just like to say from an outsider perspective, the way in which you wrote about it, came across like you’ve got a one sided relationship leaning more towards her negative feedback.

What is she doing to improve her sensitivity and ability to orgasm? Is she spending hours doing kegels with weighted eggs and reading up on zaneblue’s orgasm diets, etc.?

The pressure should be even spread my friend. Cumming too quickly has got to do with level of relaxation and mental preconceptions about sex. I struggle, and am overcoming the issue too, and while I know how to fix the issue it’s a very long process of changing mental (and biological?) conditioning. Just bought myself a Fleshlight STI. I’m currently in a 2 yr long distance relationship so I’d like to make sure I last all night when we make love again ;)

5/16/06 - BPSFL: 7" BPEL: 6.5" EL: 6" EG: 4.75"

Goal - 7.5"x5.5"

"If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all."

Thanks ck10n3 for your observation.

A little background. About 3 months ago now I broke her trust when she found emails of me and another woman discussing how I rarely get blowjobs and this woman telling me all the possible times she can meet up with me and all. Now I never met the woman in person but we exchanged pics. I told her about my wife, kids and job.

My wife was ready to leave and I’ve been bending over backwards not to lose her and my kids. Her selfishness is resentment and normally she is very giving and willing to work for her orgasms. I think now she feels I should eff the sh** out of her when I get the chance now. The thing is she always cave me sex when I wanted it and now we’ve agreed to be on her schedule and when she wants it which is not often enough. I’ve stopped my porn jerking sessions too which has all helped me to cumm faster.

On the positive side coming her has made me realize my erection quality sucked! The last three days I’ve woke up with rock hard erections and today measures my girth at 5.3 I guess I haven’t been fully hard in years. My penis is bent kind of like a bow when hard and bone pressing using a fabric tape measure I see I’m like 6.8 when most erect. If I never grow but can eventually maintain top firmness and better performance I’ll be a happy man.

A couple of things — the coming too soon and erection quality issues may be “Performance Anxiety” - You feel under so much pressure to “eff the sh** out of her”

What happens is instead of being in the moment of making love, you are floating above the bed making constant judgements on your self. Will I be hard enough? Will I come too soon? Am I pleasing her? You are getting so tied up on “delivering” a performance that constantly judging yourself.

If that is the case, try to relax and be in the moment - don’t make it all about her and your “performance”, do things that please and excite you so that you are so excited you stop judging yourself and just start being the sexual animal. (I’m talking about things like if it really turns you on to stroke and look at her ass, then stroke and look at her ass.


Now if you want an “exercise” to help with erection quality and ejaculation control, I highly recommend you take up edging.

The technique will lead to rock hard erections. And once you can go for 30 minutes by yourself you will be able to go as long as you want to with your wife.

Here’s my executive summary.

- get an erection, masturbate, and try to hold off ejaculation for 30 minutes.

- if you screw up and blow your load before 30 minutes, relax and enjoy it. Better luck next time!

- Turn off the porn, and just concentrate on your sensations. Start to figure out what it feel like when you are about to blow a load. Figure out how to back off of the Point of No Return (PONR)

- Also Figure out how to get on the edge of that and stay there for a little while (that’s the “edging” part)


I learned about that exercise in a wonderful couples sex manual called:

ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm by Dr. Alan P. Brauer and Donna Brauer.

It is for couples, it consists of both relationship exercises and a program of sexual exercises to do together. To be honest, I think this would be a really good book for the two of you - I think it might help your relationship heal, and I know that it will make your sex life very very good if you can go through it together.

I read it first when I was single, I can tell you the learning the info about cunnilingus was worth way more than the price of the book.

It is about $15.00 at Amazon - I suggest buying it, reading through it by yourself first. Then approach your wife about reading it.

Thanks for all of the info and encouragement Sta-kool.

I will try edging and look up the book too. I bet that knowledge is priceless! I’m going to focus on myself more for sure too.

No problem, my friend.

Ha ha I forgot the last couple of steps on the EDGING

- start to aim for getting close the PONR 5 or more times during your thirty minute session
- when you’ve reached your goal of 30 minutes, go ahead and reward yourself and ejaculate if you want to!

Me, I don’t ejaculate every time I edge, it is still fun.

But I do think it is important for us guys to ejaculate several times a week (prostate health)

By the way my wife is one of the I’ve most orgasmic women I know of. Maybe over the years I’ve gotten lazy with my stroke game and allowed weight gain and poor diet to effect my eq. She isn’t a lazy f*** or a selfish lover. She said she wants to know that I worked her over sometimes and frankly when I can tell she’s enjoying it I have stop myself from cumming.

Hopefully kegels and edging will help this.

Originally Posted by wordsthoughts
Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to stay focused with the newbie routine. I saw your stats And I’m impressed by how fast you gained. I hope that I have similar results!

Hey thanks nowhereman! I felt like I did need to to let you know that I don’t think I was measuring properly in the beginning so I haven’t gained quite as much as my stats say I have. Still, I’ve gained about .75” in length and .25” in girth, which I think is not bad from May 2010 to now.

I’d let myself become pretty overweight, around 290. I noticed you talking about your EQ in another post, and I can definitely tell you that doing cardio and losing weight DRASTICALLY improved EQ for me. You may not need to lose anywhere as much as me, but just getting in shape will make you an animal in bed! Best of luck to you!

My picture thread;

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Maybe this is a stupid question, but if she doesn’t alway orgasm during sex, you get her off orally right? If not, get on it. If you do it first, then the sex is just bonus for her. Anyway, before PE I was 7x5.25 and had sex with a lot of women, I can last forever, and only a couple came during sex. I think female orgasms during intercourse is a lot rarer than people think and has less to do with penis size than it does with just lucky biologically a woman is. But for sure do the PE, it will make the sex better for you too, not just her.

Get a large vibrator with about 6.5 inches of girth and use it on her once and see what happens. That could be a lot of fun as long as you don’t let/show you are intimidated at all by it.


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