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New to forum - Thanks

New to forum - Thanks

What a great site! I’m so glad I’m a member! Starting my Newbie program yesterday while waiting to register today and have continued to review tons of useful information today. Watching some of the videos confirmed I was doing the techniques right, but I think I’m going to use the rice pack tonight instead of the warm cloth and see how that feels. My only problem I see at this point is that I will have to be extremely patient since I’m highly sensitive causing me to have to take breaks while jelqing to allow my erection to subside somewhat. This will be especially true while bending to correct a slight left hand bend. So looking forward to having a straight, fuller erection.

Questions: What are these acronyms BPEL, BP FL, etc? I see them in everyones signature but I can’t seem to find them in a glossary anywhere. (BPEL = bone pressing ejection length?, EG - ejection girth?) Can someone please list all the important measurement abbreviations?

Should I state my beginning measurements now or after a few weeks of PE along with any new gains?

What is your favorite time of day to PE? Yesterday, my wife and family were gone so it was the defect time to get in a practice session. I’d like to keep my exercise routine from my wife for awhile and see if she notices any difference (looks/feel/touch).

THANKS to everyone who has contributed their concerns and advice along the way! I look forward to making my own contributions as I continue to gain knowledge and experience. I never heard of jelqing before, but had heard of the suspensory ligament surgery and hanging with weights, but I just never bought into either of them due to potential for injury and/or just thought it wouldn’t work. BUT LOOK at all of the testimonials here in these forums. It’s gotta be true. Did anyone take before and after shots throughout their program?

Welcome to Thunders rede2grow.

Read around in this forum for a bit before actually beginning, as you will probably find most of your questions already answered in the forums. Also before hanging or doing any other advanced PE method, you should do the newbie routine for 3 months.

Welcome to Thunders.

Originally Posted by c750

Also before hanging or doing any other advanced PE method, you should do the newbie routine for 3 months.

This is a great advice.Read carefully the tutorials and follow all the rules about posting.
Wecome.I am sure you are going to enjoy this place.

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Thanks guys for steering me in the right direction (links and advice). Evidently I have more exploring to do.I can’t believe I didn’t see these pages you referred me to. I look forward to posting more in the future.



Welcome. I concur with all the above, especially getting the 3 month conditioning period behind you before moving on to more advanced routines. See the Injuries and Treatments forum and read about those who rushed in too soon. In PE slow and steady wins the race, rushing things will only slow you down.

Read the forum while you work, makes the time pass faster and educates you at the same time. And careful nuking that rice sock. Rice burns easily in the microwave and having to explain the smell may be tough. Have an excuse ready for when this happens, and it will happen. One sock, one minute tops, for fresh rice, less as the rice is used a few times. Rice is cheap, change you socks often ;) You may have to develop a taste for rice to justify having so much on hand all the time.

Keeping PE from the wife for a while is also good, however, I’m a firm believer in a PE savvy wife, eventually. By bringing her in on your new adventure not only will it give you more time to do your routine, but makes it more fun, especially if you learn to incorporate sex into your routines. Eventually you may want to get her involved, it will double your workout time. But having ones wife, or S/O actually notice your first gains is a terrific boost to your self esteem, so keeping PE in the closet for a while is not a bad idea. They can see your size more objectively than you do, and are usually the first to notice any gains, especially girth because it is very noticeable with oral sex. Trust me her jaw is a better gauge than any tape measure.

However, get a tape measure and a wooden ruler and take some very good bone pressed measurements so you can accurately track your gains. Some good before pics also. You don’t have to show us, but take them for your records.

Good Luck

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Originally Posted by rede2grow
What are these acronyms BPEL, BP FL, etc? I see them in everyones signature but I can’t seem to find them in a glossary anywhere.

You have to put a few together in the glossary, they aren’t in there in their entire form, like BPEL = BP + EL.

BP = Bone Pressed, EL = Erect Length. Together, bone pressed erect length. :)

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