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New to forum; Semi-new to exercising.

New to forum; Semi-new to exercising.

Hi all.

First, I am fairly new to this site. (I read various posts through out, and figured I’d reference a few of the questions/topics from multiple threads.)

In order to introduce myself, I am 42, measured at a measly 6 3/4 BPEL, 6 NBPEL, 4 5/8 EG. I have aspirations of hitting NBPEL of 8, and EG of 6-7. (Hope that is not unrealistic.) I work at the worlds largest beach front property. I’m sure you all know where. I have a trailer-mate, which makes my training time/approach limited.

I started doing this a few years back, via one of the useless pay sites, but without much gain. One of those guys who, prior to knowing any better, paid some obscure site, about a year ago, for less information than I get on this site. So, woo hoo on the learning curve there. At that time, I never measured, as that was not brought up. I guess the reason I started looking at this is the same as many of us. I just tired of looking at my weak, little, noodle, that lead to some form of lack of self confidence in the bedroom. And a desire to overall better please the opposite sex. Well, me too.

I know I fit the average category, and when I was married to my now Ex (Asian), was told by her that I was in fact too long. She never complained about my girth, but she didn’t have a lot of experience then, either. Now, I am remarried, and my current wife (Also Asian), says I am “big”. I still feel inadequate though. I never confronted my current wife with the questions of “How large” previous men, in her life, have been. But, for some reason am curious of knowing. (Crazy?) But I think I already know the answer. I am barely average, and given said law, know that she had men much larger than I, and therefore want to be able to please her at least that much. We both take sex seriously in the fact that she wants it all the time, and so do I. I always please her, and of course she me, but I want to be able to completely fill her. As she gets older and has kids, she’ll stretch and I’ll only be able to hit sidewall. Very “Not fun”. Besides, I like playing with my dick, and what better way than to gain some size while doing so. :)

Previously, I entered a reply to a post with questions and fear that I, unintentionally, put it in the wrong area. So, forgive me for sending these questions again here.

All of that being said, here is a series of quick questions that I’d greatly appreciate getting answered, by one and/or all.

1. How do I enter stats on the stats page? I only see post a reply etc.on there. No actual “Post stats” button.

2. I measured both BPEL and NBPEL(from 6 3/4 BP down to 6 even NBP), but NBP seems more encouraging to me, as this is what is seen, as opposed to felt, looking in the mirror that is. So, does it make a difference which we measure, as long as consistency, integrity, and accuracy is used?

3. When and how often do most of you measure? Every day, once a week, or what?

4. I have measured my LOT, and come out with between a 7 and 8:30. And, as I am interested in Hanging, how do I hang High? Tie a rope around my neck and stand straight? :)

5. In my, past experience, it has taken around 30-45 minutes of good solid stretching, prior to Jelqing. And an additional 20 minutes of jelqing to get to around 400-500. While I don’t mind holding my dick that long, time is not always on my side. And, on other web sites, people suggest it is OK to break up the routine, with stretch at say 12PM, then jelq later at say 6PM. Of course a little warm up is needed prior to the jelq session. So, my question is what do you all think about breaking up the schedule into two parts?

Ok, well that’s me in 5000 words or less.

Glad to be a part of the brotherhood.


2.) BPEL is more of an accurate measuring because if you lose or gain wait that wont effect the increase in size. But it isnt like you cant measure both either. Just a suggestion.

3.) Try not to measure too much. I would say once every 2 weeks is enough. But at most once a week. You want to probably get to once a month measuring. Just my opinion though.

5.) I personally break my stretching and jelqs into different sessions. I am personally unsure how this effects you but I no other choice as well.

Starting(November 28th)=BPEL:5.9 inches EG midshaft: 4.375 inches ST Goal: 6.5 X 4.5 LT Goal: 8 X 6 Long ways to go. "You miss all the shots you don't take."

I would also like to post that you are definately not small at all. 6 inches NBPEL is not bad.

Starting(November 28th)=BPEL:5.9 inches EG midshaft: 4.375 inches ST Goal: 6.5 X 4.5 LT Goal: 8 X 6 Long ways to go. "You miss all the shots you don't take."


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