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New to Forum PE question

New to Forum PE question

Hey guys,
I’ve been reading up on PE.. Would you guys recommend this for my first few months

5 min warm wrap
5 min 30 sec stretch
10min jelq
5 min warm wrap
50 sec 5 sec kegels

2 day on/ 1 day off

And what exactly is a kegel? I haven’t seen a clear explanation

Looks pretty close to the newbie routine. For your question about kegels use the search button.

When you’re urinating, stop the pee coming out. That’s a kegel. Not easy is it? ;)

They do get easier after a while though.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report


Welcome to the forum. You can get a really decent start by clicking the “Start Here” link at the top of the Newbie Forum. It will bring you up to speed on a lot of things like kegels, searching, etc.

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