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New theory Let me know

New theory Let me know

There is already so much written on this site regarding PE but I’ve been thinking about something..

When I measure my flaccid penis NBP while it is hanging and place the ruler or tape along it, I get 3.5-3.75 inches long but when I lift my flaccid penis to the horizontal I measure only 3 inches.

My theory is that the greater the differential between the 2 measurements, the greater the potential to make flaccid length gains, I.e. Those people who are the owners of the real hanging flaccid penises should have a smaller % difference between both measuring states than people like me.

Therefore, I should be able to gain flaccid length more easily..
And I am hopeful that this may also apply to erect length but not really sure about that.

I am not talking absolute difference in inches but percentage difference
3.75 - 3.0 = .75
.75/3.75 = .20 X 100 = 20% difference..

Please calculate your % difference at the beginning of your PE and then please post your Current flaccid measurements and how much you have gained in absolute inches as well as in percent from your initial flaccid length.



My experiences are not consistent with this idea. Is there an anatomical reason you think this would be true?

Why wonder about flaccid length. Locker room issues?

I assume this difference must be attributed to gravity. When flaccid and free it is heavier than when you hold it horizontal, so it gets a bit stretched (not much, just with the force from the weight it has). So I guess that when you measure flaccid holding it in horizontal direction if you were able to pull as much as it gets pulled down by it’s weight you will get the same measurement.

I think it has more to do with your fat pad and the penis being pulled in when standing up and penis facing straight out. If you let your penis hang sitting down you get maybe that extra inch from not retraction in when standing up.

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