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New the forums.hello from LA, help

New the forums.hello from LA, help

I’ve been reading threads and looking at pics for a couple months now, but this is my first post/thread. I’m 20 years old and my penis size is something that has somewhat bothered me ever since I started using it. I know my penis isn’t tiny/small It’s definitely average.but of course like most of us and from the pics I’ve seen I want it to be bigger. My measurements are 6.25” long and about 4.5” in girth. I know everybody has different gains, but if I do the routine regularly what do you think my gains will be? ——— I want to focus on gaining girth, are there any specific exercises for girth gains? I’ll post pics soon, please reply back.

I’m curious about which threads you have been reading. You gotta do your homework man. PE is serious stuff. If you don’t do it right, you can cause some serious damage. I’m sure you would take your current size with a rock hard erection over a bigger penis that can’t maintain hardness.

I did a ton of research before I did any PE. You have to use the search function.

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First, congrats on your first thread/post, to few people actually post :)

How much can you gain? hard to answer since its different for everyone.
It really depends on how much time and effort you put in, I’d say if you made yourself a small goal you’ll reach it sooner and continue PEing till you reach that long-term goal.
(I know I didn’t really answer the question but rather turned it into what do you think a realistic long-term goal is)
So my answer is Long-term goal: anything you want, even if you don’t reach it its what your striving for. (If I ever hit a long-term goal I’ll just make another one anyways :P)
Short term goal: try something like +.1” every month or so.
It’s best to not stress over the numbers anyways.

Hmm, girth… lets see.
1. Jelqing is the staple around here (though I don’t do it xD)
2. Clamping (be careful)
3. Pumping (be careful)
4. Horse440’s
5. There are plenty of posts on girth gains coming about just from regular length routines, so PE in general.
There’s just tonnes of threads on girth gaining alone, just type girth in the search :)

Lastly, it’s awesome that you are going to keep a record starting from the very beginning, it really is fun to see the difference.

Good luck on your PE journey niceone818.

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I was thinking about starting with the newbie routine?

Wow I feel silly, I brushed right over the newbie routine.

Of course it’s a great place to start, it tackles length and girth at the same time.

I naturally assume people jump into the newbie routine when they say they’ve been around awhile.

06-06-2011: 6.5" x 5.5" Current: 7.14" x 5.5"

Long term goal 8x6 short term goal 7.2x5.6

Pic's and Progress :worthy: Forum Guidelines

Originally Posted by niceone818
I was thinking about starting with the newbie routine?


Thunders newbie routine has given more size gains than all the gadgets and devises combined. And don’t go altering it to try for more girth gains right out of the gate either. Plenty of guys gain girth from the newbie routine. You don’t know how your wang will react.

Give it 3-4 months and then reevaluate. If you are gaining steadily but more in length than girth I would still recommend not changing a thing. Ride the easy(er) gains as far as you can.

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Does excessive masturbation/excessive sex cause PE to be not as effective?

My advice is you take a month to read all the articles and stuff before you start. You don’t look like you did any research and might end you injuring yourself.


About you masturbation question: The most often asked and annoying questions! (That’s actually the thread’s title)
Go to question ” 17) “

My suggestion for you is to go to Forum Guidelines, there is quite a lot of explanations and some good links there. I’m a newbie myself and like you I have lots of doubts, but many were answer just visiting the “New member instruction”.


START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info is your PE101 reading list. Do invest some time in reading.

+90% of your questions are answered in it. If you haven’t gotten up to speed on the basics it doesn’t matter what your question is; some smarty-pants will always tell you to read Important Newbie Threads .

If you have taken the time to read it then you get to be the smarty pants! “Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question MooseDink09. Actually neither of the newbie routines, ( Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine NEW newbie + advanced routine ) address this. which is why I am asking. ;)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Are there any natural vitamins that can help PE?


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