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New technique

New technique

Well guys , I was 6 x 5 FULLY erect and this troubled me for 2 years or so .. So I started reading about PE .. There were so much techniques that I didn’t know from where to start.However I read , and read , one month constantly reading new information.Then I found one forum in which one guy just mentions that he has a 9 inch cock and likes to pull it up when it is erect.. He just grabs it below the head when it is erect and pulls gently up , up , about 100 times.I though that it makes sense , when you pull it up fully erect you make micro-stretches on the tissue , that later heals and so you can achieve bigger and stronger penis.I made it for one month + jelq and normal stretching and guess what .. 6.3 x 5.3 fully erect.Normal not full erection 6.It is a good gain , and don’t think that it is from jelqing or the normal stretching.I really believe that this method works.

Good luck if someone is about to try it.

I agree with you, it seems to make sense. I worry about being erect and doing such things though - fear that some damage inhibiting erections is the reason.

If you gained from it, keep it up.

Just be careful manipulating an erection if your inexperienced.

And welcome to the baddest web site around.



You just have to do it very,very gently .. Slow and up , without much strenght .. It’s like giving your body a tips ” OK now , just grow here a little”.I’m still having good erections .. Surely hope not to damage something.

I wasn’t being critical, and am glad it’s working for you! I was just expressing a concern that you seem to already be keeping in mind. Keep us posted :) .

Chrono, good observation. I see also now that doing SOME exercising with a high erection seem to benefit me more than with a low one. THe effect of size gain is magnified if I keep mixing it up.

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I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to the conclusion that it was not the jelqs, they have been know to pack on serious size. Unfortunately, they are not as “sexy.”

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