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New stretching exercise

New stretching exercise

Hey guys
I find it quite difficult to perform good stretches sometimes, mainly because I don’t feel like I’m putting enough stress on my ligs, I have quite a high LOT so I’m concentrating on low angle stretches.

What I now do to put more stress on my ligs is this;

When I stretch to the side (to the left or right) at a low angle, I lift the opposite leg up onto the side of my bath. Then I can really fell the ligs getting a good stretch.

So when I’m stretching to the left I pull my unit down and to the left and lift my right leg up onto the side of the bath.

If I need to I can re-enforce the grip of my hand with the other hand and this is much easier then in normal stretches

I’m not sure how well this works as I’ve only stretched this way for the last 3 sessions, but I fell a lot more then with normal stretches in my ligs.

What do you guys think?
Has anyone else ever tried something like this before? If so does it work

Hopefully some others can try this and let me know what they think

If I haven’t explained properly please let me know and ill have another go

I think it’s exactly the same as what I’ve been doing.

Have you tried this RTG? Or do you know anyone that has? Id be interested to hear of gains using this stretch

I never seem to get many replies to any of the threads I’ve started! Lol

I have tried them. They feel pretty intense. I am not big on stretching so I can’t claim any gains from them. But they feel like they work. I know there are a couple people in the thread I referenced who said they did them. Maybe they’ll chime in.


Thanks RTG, I’ve only just started to do them so I was wondering if it was worth carrying on with them.

Today I’ve noticed some slight soreness around the base of my dick, but it doesn’t seem to be the skin as there’s no redness so I’m guessing something is happening.

I’ve been doing 5 stretches to the left and right using this method, holding each for 30 seconds. Plus 5 stretches of 30 second downwards

Hopefully it will work for my length!

Any guys out there that have tried this post replies

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