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New starter - Power-jelqing.

New starter - Power-jelqing.

Hello everyone..

Well this is my first post so here goes.I’m a 24 year-old 6’1” Caucasian from the UK and I’ve been considering PE for a while now. I haven’t any problems size wise as far as I’m aware but the more I think about increasing the more appealing the idea becomes..

I recently purchased the Power-Jelq and have been using it for just over a week. I find it easiest to use whilst showering. It’s very early days yet but I feel like this could be making a difference. This morning however I think I squeezed too hard towards the glans as I noticed 2-3 little blood blisters appearing. How do you know just how hard to press the rollers together? I appreciate comfort but I would like to think I’m not far off mastering the PJ if I just squeeze a little less..

How long will the red dots take to disappear?

I measure up as follows: ERECT 8.5” Length
ERECT 5.5” Girth

Any ideas as to what results I may hope to achieve over the next months?

My goal is ERECT 10” Long, 7 inches Girth..

Thanks for your time.

Welcome. I caught red dots when I first started the exercises; they started vanishing the next day, and the day after they completely disappeared. I’ve hear of them lasting a week, though, sometimes.

Cheers, that’s a small worry off my mind..

Had to tell the girlfriend I caught it in my zipper!

Haha, these women - so ignorant. Any ways I’ve also heard that red dots are a sign of imminent gains, so they’re more good news than bad.


Can you tell us the difference between using the device versus regular hand jelquing? I have a suspicious wife and young kids running around, so, devices are a no-no for me. I hope you reach your erect goals. Your STARTING length is over my PE goal!

Hi Raw Power,

I tried manual jelqing for a month or so, but found the process laborious and frankly messy with the lubrication required.the PJ is proving it has much more effect if the red dots are anything to go by, and the ease of use in the shower is a bonus as well - perhaps you could get one and use it discreetly there?

Good luck with your gains manually in the mean time!

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