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new routine

new routine

Hello Iam new here but not new to pe, I want to see what you guys htink about my rouine.

5 minute warmup in hot shower

5 minute stretchign in each direction up,right,left,down,straight out

5 minute A stretch

5 minutes of dry jelqing

20 minutes of wet jelqing

6 holds for 10 seconds each

5 minute warm down

I will be doing this every other day. How do you think it looks what changes should i make and should i do it more then every other dya? Thanks

Any1? Please help me

Sounds good to me. I’d go for 2 days on/1 off. Don’t overdo it. If your body complains, take an extra day off.

Add an ADS so that the micro tears don’t heal in a shortened state, and consider hanging in a month or two. Increase the stretching & jelqing in a couple of months as well.

Also: make sure you have a GOOD set of bone pressed measurements and take some before pictures. I didn’t and wish I had.


Ok sounds good, I got a question though whats an ADS?? And Iam going to start the 2 days on one day off 2, Thanks

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