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New Routine

New Routine

Greetings All-

A special thank you for all the information that is on the site. I am proud to say I have gained 5/8 of an inch in a very short period of time. Which lands me at NBPEL 6 1/8, My goal is to hit 8, Then start on Girth. I want your opinions for my new routine. I got this after reading up older threads of Hangers, And things that Bib said he wish he would have done. Among others.. And I came up with this routine.

Hang BTC ——— 4 Hours each Day. 2 hours in the Morning, 2 Hours in the evening. Max weight to fatigue.

I work 12 hours, 3 days a week so on those days, I do 1 (20) minute session at night if I wake up. 1 (20) minute set before I go to work. Then up to 1 hour to 2 hours of Hanging. All done 20 minute sets. For my ADS I ordered Monty’s PE weights, And will be wearing those ALL the time. Not sure about work though because alot of people would open there mouths if they saw a huge buldge in my pants. Anyways, Just thought I would get your guys opinion on this. I think I already busted out 5/8 Of an inch doing this. And for my BTC hang I found a really awesome way to do it. I got a set of encyclopedias, I sit 3 of them on 2 chairs facing each other, And 3 more in back. I sit on it and let it hang in the middle. Plenty enough room and way more comfortable. Thought I would let you guys know maybe It will work for someone. Ok thanks guys


Congrats on your gains. I am not too experienced in hanging, but be careful. Play around with it for a while and if you see that you are gaining continue and if not modify it to something better.

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