New Routine, various questions

Whats up everybody. I’ve been PEing for 2 months or so on and off, but this past week or so I’ve been really getting into it and I’d like a critique of my new routine, all done in the shower.

Warm up: 5-10 minutes of minor stretching, etc
Regular Manual stretches at varying angles for 30-40 seconds each: 5-10 mins.
Alright, question about the JAI stretch.I read on one of the forums that by JAI stretching you create more micro tears, or that by doing a JAI stretch, more micro tears can be created. So should I do the JAI stretch before continuing with the rest of the routine?

I wasn’t sure, but for now, I go from the manual stretches to the JAI, hoping that I’ll get better results from jelqing with the JAI before the jelq, rather than just jelqing alone. I jelq for about 15 minutes, with a 3 second stroke. I do a kegel and hold it until I get my other hand ready for the next stroke and continue.

After that I do the V stretch and inverted stretch. The regular V stretch, I stat at the shaft and push for 5-10 seconds, depending on how I feel, and work my way down, then back up. The same for the inverted.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!