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New routine: Opinions please

New routine: Opinions please

Tell me what you all think :) . I am open to suggestions and information as always. This was recommended to me by a successful PE’er.

Pumping and jelqs should be done on the same day.
Edging or ballooning on off days.
Warm up for jelqing and pumping with fowfers. Bed fowfers you can do when you fall asleep.

You need to know when to back off of E. This is indicated by erection level the next day. You want to get a good 100% erection either by manipulation or morning or night wood.

Long slow jelqs seem to work the best, all growers I come in contact with use light grips and long slow 3-5 second jelqs. I say make last 8 seconds if you can. Sounds like eternity but it feels good and you really get plump.

Sample work out 3 days per week, heavier routines should only be done 3 days per week with rest days between.

Fowfers to warm up and get stretched 10 minutes to an hour, these exercises are so passive you forget your doing them.
Pump 20-6o minutes
Jelq 10-20 strokes
Fowfers to stretch and warm down.
Repeat Wednesday and Friday

Good routine? To many rest days? Give me your opinions :)

Seems something Kingpole would write.

What are your goals? Length or girth?

I would do the jelqs before the pumping. Let the pumping exagerate the “pump” you get from the jelqing. More jelqs. Start off with at least 75.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

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I’m curious about the fowfer as a warm-up. I’ve read that too, and would love to do fowfers in place of a heat wrap warm-up/down, but really, can the fowfer apply enough heat to be a substantial warm-up, since it’s not going to break 100 degrees? One of the themes I notice frequently is how important heat is to prepare and unwind from stretching/jelqing. The fowfer can be a pretty intense stretch, so I plan to continue using heat wraps, even though they’re a bit of an ordeal. I will do a search on this for my own info soon, I hope, and will report back with helpful links if anyone is interested.

Also, there’s an active thread in the Newbie Section now about edging, in which one of the members advocates edging after a work-out as a means to massage and fully expand the shaft.

An 8-second jelq sounds interesting. Maybe after I’ve completed a couple months of the Newbie Routine, I’ll try it out too.

I’ll look forward to hearing about your results.

Yes your right, Kingpole did give this to me haha! But the guy has had impressive gains. He seems to favor rest, Which is what I have neglected through all the PE that I have tried. So now I am trying to concentrate on erection quality and rest. I am 6 NBPEL x 5. I am going for the famous 8 x 6. And I will get there no matter what. I am going to find a routine that works. Nothing is going to stop me on this haha. So I am giving this a shot. Thanks for replies you guys.

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