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New Routine and questions

New Routine and questions

Hello this is my first thread and I won’t lie I’m a huge skeptic of this stuff, but I am willing to give it a try. I’m looking for a newbie routine. Along with the routine can anyone comment on expected gains with the routine and amount of time to achieve those gains. I know we are all different but an approximation would be ok. I look forward to seeing some results.

Originally Posted by blam75
Hello this is my first thread and I won’t lie I’m a huge skeptic of this stuff, but I am willing to give it a try.

Don’t be too skeptical. Positive thinking can do wonders. Good luck and happy gaining!

I have done 15 sessions in on the newbie routine. Listen try the newbie routine as mentioned by marinera for at least 4 months. If it does not work you can leave it, but at least you tried it right? But here are a few pointers which I think you should keep in mind:

- DON’T expect too much. For some people newbie routine has given them 0.6 inches in gain in 4 months. For other it has done nothing, they had to change their routines after asking the veterans on this site.
-BEFORE you start off, do one test run of the newbie routine. You might head to some problems or questions, ask them over here. Guys are real helpful here. You will also come to know if the time given in the newbie routine is too much for you. If it is too much reduce it. If you think its little DON’T increase it. Keep it that way for 1 month at least.
-Read as many posts possible on this newbie forum. Their is a great wealth of knowledge. You can ask too.
-Read the rules, just in case.
Hope this helps for you.
Best of luck and happy gaining.:)

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