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New Personal Discovery

New Personal Discovery

First off, I would like to apologize for starting a new thread for this post, as this is already a reply I have made in my first thread:
Newbie Introduction and routine
I made this thread in hopes of getting comments more oriented towards this new “problem”.

Just recently I have managed to do some of my first “non-skin” stretching. However, due to this I have made a pretty significant personal discovery. I had noticed that while stretching, no matter which direction it was (up, down, left, straight out) there was only one part of the penis that was tightening. This was a 1cm thick cord running straight down the top center of my penis. While stretching this cord was extremely tight, while nothing else was even similar in tension. So, after searching around the site for a while I discovered that this limiting factor had already been experienced by a small few members, and seemed to be called the Septum.

Having discovered this new information, I then followed those older members advice, and have come up with a stretching routine which seems to target the Septum, as follows:

V-stretches (both pushing down on the top of the penis, and another type while applying more of a strong massage with the thumb)
Erect bends
DLD Blaster A-Stretches

These seems to be the core exercises I have found.

I will most likely start off with 2 sets a day of about 30-45 minutes total stretching and see how that works.

Please feel free to reply with comments/ideas, and I would especially like to here from other members who have had the same “limiting factor” at one time or other, or anyone else with experience in targeting this particular area.

Read “Memento’s Momentous Gain Mechanism”. That’s even more effective, I think. Also read the last pages of Modestoman’s “LOT 101 Theory” (I think that’s the thread).

regards, mgus

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You are the pioneer! Forge ahead, and keep us posted!!


Since my last post, I spent a solid 5 days doing the following routine:

Hot wrap for 5 mins

2 Times stretches
30 sec each Down, down left, down right, straight out, up,

1x each hand
60 sec Aided inverted V stretch

1x each hand
60 sec inverted V stretch with aid While PCing on and off

1x each hand
30 sec V stretch in 3 (base, mid and a nearer to glans)
30 sec V stretch pushing from the left/right
30 sec v stretch massage (instead of applying steady pressure in one area, apply a firm massage on the top)

30 sec Plumped bend in each direction (left, right, up, down)

Hot wrap for 5 mins

I also did a shorter session earlier each day consisting of the wraps, and then some manual and Aided Inverted-V stretches for 15-20 mins.

This was the routine I followed pretty strictly for 5 weekdays straight, and then took the weekend off to measure, rest and see if I should continue like this.

Firstly, as for why I didn’t include anything other than stretches, it is to let myself heal a bit as I had some spotting last week, I will probably introduce include some jelqs into the routine next week.

I held off measuring during the week, and measured a few times both Saturday and Sunday (lengthwise) and did not notice any increase or any change from before. Should I give this routine a bit more time before changing it up?

The routine itself was almost all focused on my limiting factor (the septum) and while some of the stretches were pretty vigorous I never felt any soreness or discomfort an hour or more after the exercises. Does anyone know if this is normal? Or should I consider turning the power in my routine up a notch?

One last question I have is, it seemed that after ejaculation, I feel the stretches better. It feels like the whole area is pretty fatigued and tends to interfere less while stretching. I was wondering if there were many people who do this as the general consensus seems to be no ejaculation before exercising.

Keep it up!

Stick with it a while longer, and add a little jelqing to it. Keep us posted.

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