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New PE member

New PE member

Hey everybody, I just joined and this is my first post.
I have been doing the workouts for two weeks.
I will update my measurements but my goal is to be 7.5” by the same time next year. I think this is a realistic goal after reading many of the post here. I will keep and update.
For now it’s just great to be here. Thanks to all of you for having this site.


I don´t know your starting size. Doing PE I gained 1” in 2 months. Contact me if you wish, I´m telling something that happened 2 years ago.



My current measurements are as follow,

EL: 5 1/2”
FL: 3 1/2”
EG: 5”
FG: 4”

Do you think 7 1/2” is a realistic goal in a year?

I think it is a realistic goal, but I think it may take a little more than a year, or maybe I’m wrong. What is your goal for girth?

Good Luck

NBPEL: 7.4 x 4.75

8.5 x 5.75

LOT: 8:30

Good luck and welcome

I have don’t really have a girth goal but I think that also increases with length/stretching right? Or are there special workouts for girth only?

Yes, my friend, there are very interesting and effective workouts for girth only. You can find them in this forum. Contact me if you would need further info.



Your goal of 7 1/2 from 5 1/2 seems quite ambitious, but who knows? As I told you before, I gained 1” in two months, doing intensive jelqing. So, I could´ve had 2 inches in 1 year, don´t you think so?

Good luck getting your goal, I started a few months ago, and I noticed about a .3-.4 inch gain so far and around the same for girth. Just keep your mid set and stick with it even if you do not notice results in the first few months, I thought I wasn’t until I checked the ruler and noticed that I have been gaining. It makes you feel good when you do first see your first gains, I feel like I was looking at the ruler every night just because I could not believe that it does actually work.

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