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New PE Guy - Give Me a Hand

New PE Guy - Give Me a Hand

Hi guys, nice to meet you all. Thought I would make a thread and let you know exactly what I’m doing here (allthough it may seem obveous) what I plan on achieving and why I need 2 work at increasing the size of my unit.

Here it goes.. I’m 18 years of age and I think my unit will be fully grown by now ? (If I’m wrong please tell me). I’m currently measuring around 6.2 inch long, which I allways thought was big. However after reading here and other places on the net I know I have work to do :) I’m currently in a relationship where sex doesnt happen to often but when it does I wanna please my lady (I think increase in penis size will be good for my confidence also). Where do you guys think I should start? I’ve neva done nothing PE with my penis before, so I’m struggling to understand most of the things on the site (some of the cut down words are hard to understand like ‘PGEL’ I think I saw). If anyone who is into this PE thing is willing to have a personal chat with me over private message or a instant messanger that would be very helpfull and get me started alot faster.

As I said nice to read all your posts on the board.

Looking forward to replys.


Welcome to the forum!

First of all, start with the newbie routine. Its been proven effective.

Second, yes, some of the abbrevations are difficult, I do believe that there is a glossary floating around to help with those. I haven’t even seen PGEL, I’ve seen BPEL which stands for bone pressed erect length.

Third, we do have a chat room where members get together and discuss PE or just about anything else we want to talk about. Check way down at the bottom of the main page, under the who’s online section to see if anyone is in chat. I know there is a thread about the chat room, but right now the memory fails me. Use the search function to find chat and then download one of the programs and join us.

Fourth, and last, the managment here tends to get their collective noses out of joint over the use of chat speak, like, u, ur, 2, b4 etc. We respectfully ask that you not use it, and we are usually pretty respectful the first time ;) .

Again, welcome to Thunders.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I had trouble finding this with the search feature, and I know how it works. But here is the link to go download the chat.

Member Chat Link

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Welcome to Thunders NewEra,

If you’re in it for the long haul, great things can be everything Newbie related at least twice. Best of luck with your gains. :thumbs:

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Welcome to the forum. Great basis of knowledge, experience, and others ready to advise and help.

First, PE takes time and effort. There are no overnight successes. Most of the ones that gain a lot in the first few weeks and months had that “extra” dick already, just hadn’t stretched it out.

Second, read and study what the tutorials are trying to get across many times before doing those items.

Third, more is not necessarily better. More weight or pressure doesn’t give better gains, usually it is time that does.

*** Fourth **** DON’T HURT YOURSELF!!! Most of those before you have tried a little bit harder to get that much more only to find that after hurting their dicks, they had to wait for healing and the recover lost gains.

Happy PEing and welcome.

Sorry about the slang typing, I don’t even realise I’m doing it :( ill make sure it isnt done agen. Thanks for the tips guys, I’m now going to have a read around the newbie threads. Hopefully I can get a routine up and running in around a weeks time, can anyone tell if indeed at 18 you are ‘fully grown’.

Thanks again

Another successful newbie induction and great show from tps and sunshinekid. I see he is enjoying the chat already. :up:

Nothing to add.

‘New PE Guy - Give Me a Hand’

One thing though, you’re going to have to use your own hands… sorry that’s just a rule.

Haha good one LS

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