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new on hanging

new on hanging

doing PE now for about two months. Also had some slight gains especially in girth. So as i found out on this great forum the key to success seems to be hanging. Allready ordered my Bib hanger:chuckle: and want to find out about a starters routine.

Please help!


I would recommend you read the faq on Bibs’ site at least once before you get your hanger. After you get it, don’t get excited and put it on with weight. You should put it on, go to Bibs’ site, and learn some of the adjustments. I would hang the first week with just a couple of pounds until you get used to the Bib and learn the adjustments. You also need to read the wrapping faq in the hangers forum and watch lil1s’ video in the tutorial section.

Your first week will be just learning to wrap and adjust the hanger- so take it slow. I am still adjusting my hanger, and I have been hanging over a month. As far as a beginners hanging routine, I would recommend 3 x 20 min hanging sessions with 10 min rest in between each set to milk your penis.

Also, read the information in the hangers’ forum- it will answer all your questions before you think to ask the question. Good Luck :)

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just in case anyone who reads this isn’t already biased towards hanging, there are other ways to gain.

Lots of guys (me included) have good gains from a stretching/jelqing routine.

I still ordered a Bib and its sitting quietly in a cupboard as it has been most of the time since I got it.

You’ve got the idea though, setsuma: if your gonna hang make it Bib (at least until production stops again).


I’m certain there are differences in individuals and how they respond. Advantages to manual exercises? If someone walks in, it’s pretty easy to pretend you were just jerking it. Not so easy with 20 pounds hanging off your pole… :)


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