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New newbie here

New newbie here

Hello, nice to be part of your forum.

Well .. The goal of joining you is getting bigger, I have seen a lot of yourpics and the only thing I can say is that I feel a lot envious.

Some of you are simply impressive and their starting measurements is already more than my goal.

Speaking of me I am very shy and I already tried some exercices, but I neve been into a forum like this.

I’ve done lots of exercices but nothing really accurate, I’ve done regular jelqing for nearly 6 months and I don’t noticed any gain.

My measures are the followings:

I am really near to 7 inches not pressed and I am 5 and 6/8 around.

When I measure bone pressed the dimension seems to change slightly but normally I’m between 7 and 5/8 and when I am particularly luck seems like 8.

I measured it from the top, wehn I measure it from the side nearly all the measures take an abundant half inch, but measuring this way seems like cheating .. Even if it’s good to see it longer than 8 inches.

For now my goal is to do my first gain, when I think back to the months I spent doing exercices I just ask myself if I done something wrong :(

My final goal is to finally be fully 8 inches, maybe non bone pressed.

I won’t hide that my dream could be of becoming a star in that .. But when I look at what a real star have and what nature gived to me I begin to laugh.

I wish to thanks all of you again for taking me on board and to compliments some of you for their amazing pics.

I hope some of you will share me some secret if there are some.

Good luck dude, Keep reading and expiermenting and stick with what is giving you gains, until it doesn’t work anymore. Then it’s time to expierment some more to break the plateau with either a break or more intense PE excersises if you can handle it… And BTW if you want more length I would sersiouly recommend you put in some stretchs into your routine. Read up on penis stretchs here at Thunder’s.

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