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New newb

New newb

Hi, I’m new, been lurking for a few days reading and trying to soak in the vast knowledge. I have to say this is a great website. Been looking all over for real PE methods (be they pills, pumps, exercises, etc) and they all seemed to scream “SCAM” until I found this one.

Right now I’m pretty average, 6.5x4.75, my goal is to get 8x6 but I won’t stop there that’s for sure.

Few questions though. I’m planning to do the newbie routine outlined in a read-only post and it says to have a rest period of 2 on 1 off but it wouldn’t hurt to do once a week instead would it? Also I read somewhere (not sure if it was here or peforum) that vigrx is a good supplement for PE’ing and was wondering if anyone knows if KONG would be good in that respect? Its main function is for stamina and sex drive but it contains all of the same herbs and what-not that vigrx does and more (supposedly) but it’s cheaper and they ship to PO boxes heh.

Anyways, been reading alot of you guys’ gains reporting and I’m very impressed, hope I can achieve good gains too. I just need to work on not giving up cause I don’t have good self discipline but I’m working on it!

Re: New newb

Originally posted by swallowed
I'm planning to do the newbie routine outlined in a read-only post and it says to have a rest period of 2 on 1 off but it wouldn't hurt to do once a week instead would it?

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, swallowed!

About your question; are you asking if 1 day on a week is enough? I say no, you probably need more in order to gain. If you mean is 1 day off enough, then possibly. Some guys have seen good gains when only taking one day off per week. However, you have to give your dick time to rebuild after a workout. I like the suggested 2 days on, 1 day off.

I don’t know about vigrx, but I’m sure someone else who does will help. It’s always nice to find products that work and will ship to PO boxes.

Good luck with PE’ing, I hope all your gains are realized. :)

Oops, guess I was a bit unclear there, I meant 1 day rest per week.

Good point, but the main reason for wanting to do it 1 day of rest per week is because 2on/1off won’t line up properly and I like to have a routine based on days of the week (call me wacko heh). I’ll probably end up trying 3on/1off/2on/1off and see how that works out. Thanks =)

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Doesn’t sound wacko to me, it’s good to have a set routine you can stick with. 3on/1off/2on/1off sounds more than reasonable.

I started with 2on/1off/2on/2off (works well since the 2off is the Friday and Saturday, I go out too much). Once I get worked up enough, I will probably PE from Sunday to Thursday, and take Fri and Sat off, maybe a little PE’ing on those days if I can fit it, and not the death of me if I don’t.

I’m using the same routine as Deeznutz (AWESOME username) to start out. Will increase it after a while, probably. No injuries, please…

Same here, I try to stick with 2on/1off cycles, but I usually can’t find the time on Saturdays so it’s more like the schedule deez uses.

Originally posted by helluvastud
(AWESOME username)

Thanks. Funny thing is, it’s not unique to thunders, I’ve been using it since I first discovered internet, 1993 I believe. Got it from a Dr. Dre song lol.

I also am afraid of injuries. Take it slow, even if it delays my maximum growth, I do not want a broke dick in any way. With my luck, any injury I receive will be permanent lol.

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