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New - Need advice about jelq etc.

New - Need advice about jelq etc.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that I had tried to do PE based on the advice of this site before I had a registered account, but did not do it for long enough. I am hoping to be dedicated as I know that it takes a lot of effort and persistence.

First off I am 21, 6 ft and not overweight and I believe I have finished growing down there and would like it to get slightly bigger as the height doesn’t go with the size, my opinion I guess. Erect length I am currently 5.51 inches (14cms) and I would be happy with 2 inches gain in length, and am also 5.51 in girth erect which I would also like to increase but am not too sure what is big but not too big that it would hurt. I understand I am at the average but who wouldn’t want a little more :P

Also my glans is not very big which I would like to somehow increase the size of that too so that it is bigger than my girth, I am not sure if that is possible info is possible, thank you. The main reason is that I am uncut and when I pull back the foreskin I would like it to stay back for it slides forward which can be annoying and provides discomfort to my girlfriend. Circumcision is not an option for the record haha.

As I am uncut and I am not too sure about people who are cut, but I prefer to dry jelq as when I jelq with say lube my hand just slides and there is pretty much no resistance at all so I don’t feel as if my shaft is staying engorged.

The problem I face with the dry jelq though is that when I do the OK sign with my fingers and go to pull, when I go up it is fine but all the skin is pulled to the top and I am aware that I need to hold it there just before the glans and then use my other hand to grasp the base before I can let go but the problem I have is that there is too much friction from the base as there is no skin left to pull back to the stop so I am just stretching the skin at the base which becomes uncomfortable and therefore doing jelqing for say 30mins is not possible to keep up.

I assume that I am just doing it incorrectly, I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that I am uncut but if it is can anyone who is uncut who has had gains or performs the exercise with comfort please give me advice or if it does not matter anyone who is cut can comment too, Thank you.

Also if anyone wants to comment on anything that I have written being about the exercise or my measurements please feel free to comment so that I can hear your opinion.

Thank you everyone :)

P.s. I would also like to add that my penis erect is curved upward when on a 90 degree angle but not an extreme case, just normal for a curve, which makes it difficult to measure the length unless I try to bend it. I would like to straighten it but also want to know what people think about curvature vs straightness.
Also is the hot towel heating at the start necessary as I feel as if it doesn’t do much and also the moisture when hit by cool air tends to make it go fast very quickly as my house can get kind of cold sometimes.

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I’m uncut too and I like to do both wet and dry. You need to use a different style to dry jelq. Just use one hand. Pull up just like in wet jelq, but then release the grip just enough that you can pull the same hand down the shaft. Then repeat. You should check the videos from START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info
Third from the top.

You could try to apply a little more pressure in the wet jelq if your not getting engorged or use less lubricant.
Just do it slowly. I noticed that I was doing it too fast in the beginning and when I slowed it down, I got better results.

Thanks for the information, I will give it a try. With lube I also find that it drys up too quickly if I use a little and too much I just feel nothing like I mentioned. I will try going slower.

Thanks : )

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