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New motivation, hell yeah

New motivation, hell yeah

Well I used to do nothing but pump.. Recently, I started clamping and jelqinq, and last night I measured a whooping 5,25” on the smallest part of my penis, and a bit under 5,5” everywhere else, and a good 5,5” close to the base. I used to be around 4,6”, so it’s kind of nice. Anyway, like I said, all I ever did was pump, so when I had sex with my girlfriend my dick would be around 5,1” girth or so, but it had the spongy pump feeling.. Good thing she was a virgin before meeting me, because she might’ve noticed it wasn’t as good as it could be. And I had noticed she would climax sometimes, but only when I was unpumped and rock hard, although I was smaller. So, I spent most day yesterday clamping like a madman, and at the end of the day I pumped with a rubber cock ring for 2X20 minutes, which still allowed me to be rock hard. On top of that, I had decided to use the cock ring for the first time with my girlfriend. Needless to say, it felt GOOD, both for her and me. I know I was only a very modest size, but it felt good knowing she liked it more. Although I asked her after we had sex and she told me she “didn’t know if something was different”. I know she lied tho, because before, I HAD to grab her ass and push as far as I could on her when we were having sex, otherwise it wouldn’t be really pleasurable for her.. Maybe that was due to my base girth of around 5”, I don’t know. Well, yesterday I made her climax 3 times by penetrating her very slowly, and I didn’t even have to get my dick all the way inside. Not only did this make me feel good, I know she’ll now like other positions as well. (She once told me she didn’t like doggy style because she couldn’t really feel anything.. The only times she would climax is with me on top when we were very close together, maybe it was more of a mental thing). An added bonus: I could go for as long as I want without worrying about coming, because I didn’t have to bust my ass out and penetrate as deep as I could to get her to feel something.

We had sex with morning also, and it was just as great, I only lost maybe .1” girth everywhere since yesterday, which is great. My dick feels HEAVY.

I don’t know why I’m writing this.. Let’s just say that I’m now very happy about this :)

Congrats buddy!

11/2/05 5'8; 180 lbs, 35 waist BPEL-7.2, NBPEL- 6.0 EG- 5.0-midshaft There is the man I am, and the man I can be. Someday, they'll meet.

As I understand, most women don`t climax during “doggie” style. You don`t really hit the clit when in that position. When your in missionary position you can hit the clit w/ no problem. Women that I have been with say that doggie style is just a different feeling. I have not tested my new size yet (kinda in a dry spell,not living with the future ex. wife). I would like to get the chance to try it on her, soon. I`m sure she will notice the difference. She will be the test, as she knows what I had.

I want to scramble her ovaries, while hitting it doggie style!!!

6/12/05 6.5 BPEL 5.125 EG 1 week! 6.875 x 5.375 UPDATE.. 7/28/05 OK, I would say I`m a SOLID 7.000 now!! Squeezing out 7.250 BPEL!! OH! Wait a second.. Now I`ve hit 7.375. New numbers!!! 12/7/05 7.625 BPEL!!!!!! Hang long, hang strong! Hey!! This shit works!!! :thumbs:

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