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New Members, Lurkers, Unregistered please take a second


New Members, Lurkers, Unregistered please take a second

Give 2 clicks and help build the definitive data collection on penis size. After voting many are surprised to see that they are not smaller then average after all.

You don’t have to post anything, just a couple of clicks. The largest survey to date is just over 3000. If you can’t contribute monetarily to this incredible free source of knowledge, contribute a couple of clicks.

If your looking for enticement to register…

All who vote can download the new Paris Hilton video free of charge. Including never before seen clips of Paris doing two midgets simultaneously.

Management reserves the right to alter anyones penis size at its own discretion. The above offer should not be construed with an actual offer, or in any way be interpreted as an admission by Thunder to having fathered Paris’ illegitimate love child. Although representations that she did blow him in the middle of the Santa Monica freeway during rush hour should still be considered valid.

That’s the spirit Thunder, just keep denying everything, and let the attornies handle the rest.

It’s how I deal with all my problems. Just deny and ignore them till they go away. It works every time.

I like polls. I try to come up with a good one now and then. I agree trips- it adds to the knowledge base. There are so many various opinions on sex, polls can help settle the issue somewhat and help find out the truth. There are many polls I’d like to set up but I have doubts if there would be enough interest on some of them or if would be considered a good poll.There are some polls I’d like to set up that would be intended just for women to answer. The ladies here are great, but polls set up just for women need more than just a few women. There are even polls I’d like to set up, but might be frowned upon because of the subject matter (like race), so I just leave it be.


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