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Hello board

I feel very happy to be a part of this community, I am 25 years old and 5’10 200lbs and work out frequently, I do not want to post my “stats” b/c to be honest, I have gotten no complaints, however, I DO want to gain more size and strength. I started tonight on the newbie workout and found it to be quite painful. I knoe jelquing can be so I am prepared for what is ahead. I do howeve,r have a few questions:

I was wondering if there are any medications or vitamins, herbal or not to help with recovery or speed up the process. Also, I frequenly get slighly limp during sex, I was wondering what I can do to prevent this.

And finally, my main concern, when Iwas 21, I was able to produce copious amount of semen during sex that I could “shoot”, however four years later, I can’t do this, I was wondering what can help this


First off, this is not supposed to be painful, so you are either doing something wrong, or you are doing it too hard.

How is your diet? Do you eat healthy or lots of junk food? Do you drink a lot or smoke?

As the above post implies, you have to eat right especially if you work out and make sure you drink plenty of water. Not sure if this is true but somewhere I heard 80% of Americans walk around dehydrated everyday.

You should never feel any pain while jelqing. What kind of pain are you talking about? Where exactly does it hurt?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Thanks for the replies, I didn’t know it was not supposed to be painful. I will reread the thread on it. I squeeze quite hard and pull up when jelquing.

My diet is good, could be better, but I take no vitamins,as of right now, and I DO need to be drinking more water


Try not squeezing so hard during your next session, and be sure to get back with us to report whether or not it still hurts. What did you do for a warm-up?

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