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Hi everyone Im new to this forum… well.. not exactly Ive been lurking around here for quite some time and I finally decided to join. This being my first post I guess I should tell you guys a little bit about myself. I was first drawn into PE at my late 18’s . At that time I was only 5.25 nbp length (6 bp) although I was average I felt short changed, it wasnt that I didnt like my size. I was just convinced that there was someway to become bigger. So one day I hopped on google and searched: “penis enlargement” the stuff that came up were expensive PE programs,pills and pumps… I was broke at the time so I couldnt afford all those corporate PE memberships and gadgets so my search continued for a few more weeks. When I was just about to give up I came across something new.. something called jelqing, researching it more I found a simple routine. I was a bit critical about it but what did I have to lose so I decided to find out for myself and within two weeks I started to notice great changes… five months into my PE career I came across Thunders as well as I must say I have been very fortunate to discover both places. I read the inspiring stories of Veteran PE’ers such as YGuy, DLD, RB, and SSJ4 which has been helpful in in perserving my patience and to keep at it. I have been PEing unrigorously for about a year now and during that time I achieved an inch in NBP length and nearly two inches in girth, which is quite unbelievable everytime I measure and think back to the days when I first started…. but I have been doing PE so casually and I want to take my dedication to a new level and strive harder to attain my goals. I hope my current routine can fulfill that.

Now for some questions:
My goal is nine inches nbp but is this a nonrealistic goal? I have current length of 6.25 np (7 bp) and I unfortunately have a lot of six and. The Lot Theory says with a lot of six… because I have long ligs already and my primary focus should be the tunica, but even then the tunica has its limitations because it toughens up over time :(
As for girth my goal is seven inches EG, but Im not too worried about it right now because Ive had some very phenominal gains in that department already …. Ive gained nearly two inches in girth through regular jelqing which puts me about 1/8 away from six inches. At an age 19 years old I hope to reach my goals by 21.

My Current Routine is as follows:
(4 days on 3 days off)
-DLD Blasters 2 sets (100 per set )
-One hour Stretching (JAI, V-stretches, etc.)
-200 upward jelqs

Is my routine okay? Ive been having very steady gains. My main focus is stretching my Tunica and going easy on jelqing. I heard that jelqing toughens up your Tunica and I cant argue with that.. When I implimented 400 jelqs into my routine I noticed my tunica being alot more resistant to stretches and during erectings my tunica being rock hard. I dont plan on hanging at all during my PE career, but I hope to still get some good gains. Sooner or latter Ill try building RB’s stretching device because stretching is very stressful on the hands especially when you do it for an hour.

While my membership here Ill will also try my best to contribute information as well as encouraging others

Well I think I typed enough…Thank you for reading my post.

"The greatest inspiration is not out doing others but out doing ourselves."


Welcome to Thunder’s and DAMN 2 inches in girth in only 1 year?!

And you have to ask if your routine is right? Your doing great!

As you know by reading every grows at a different pace and everyone responds differently to different excercises. But it sure sounds like you have found what works right for you. 2 inches in girth, man your lucky. And 1 inch in length is good too.

I wonder if being so young the horone effect compounds with the exercises making your girth gains so dramatic?

I wish you luck with your goals. It sounds like y our girth goal shouldn’t be a problem and it sounds like you’ve done your homework regarding the tunica and jelqs.

How long have you been doing your current routine? The entire year of PE? If not what did you do before? I’d love to get my girth expanding like yours.

Welcome aboard!

Thank you goingforit for the warm welcome. Im about 3/8 of an inch away from a two inch gain in girth. Im very close to breaking into the six inch girth level which is real soon :)

“How long have you been doing your current routine? The entire year of PE?”

I have been doing my current routine for about 2-3months now. The only complaint I have is how manual stretches can be really stressful on your hands…ouch. I have seen about a .25 gain in NBPL length with this current routine

” If not what did you do before?”

My First Routine:

For my first routine I simply did jelqs because as noobie to PE that was the only technique I knew about. I somewhat did my jelqs differently though and I blame this on bad jelqing instructions printed off an anonymous website. Instead of using the standard OKAY sign grip on my member I jelqed by squeezing the sides of my 50-60% errect shaft using my index finger, middle finger, and thumb . To better illustrate this you are pretty much are pinching your penis by the sides to jelq. My routine: First week consisted of 200-300 downward dry jelqs and I gradually worked up to a max of 500 jelqs. It wasnt till five months later where I found Thunder’s and implimented new excercises and I also took the Tunica into more consideration.

My second routine:

This routine is quite similar to my current routine but not as rigourous… This is where I first started experimenting with alot of different manual stretches to determine what felt comfortable and what seemed promising. I also started using the standard OKAY grip as well.

-DLD Blasters (1 set of 100 PC squeezes)
-200 upward dry jelqs, 80-90% errection (the standard grip :p )
-15-20mins of stretches
-10 DLD Twists
-Errect bends

I think DLD Blasters also contributed to my girth gains. I noticed better circulation and better erections.
-A special note: I skip the downward pull reverse kegals part in my blasters because I have a lot of six. I always begin each routine with Blasters.

!! By the way …There is an error in my previous post on my BP measurements it should be 6.70-6.75 BP. I usually dont measure Bone Pressed but I know that the difference between my NBP and BP measurements is roughly .5 inches and I completely added wrong…Sorry. !!

goingforit I wish you luck on your PE journey too as well as everyone else on this forum. I just cant wait to reach my final goal of a nine inch nbpl by a seven inch godzilla.

"The greatest inspiration is not out doing others but out doing ourselves."

Ooops! I mean: I just cant wait to reach my final goal of a 9X7 inch godzilla.

"The greatest inspiration is not out doing others but out doing ourselves."

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