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New 'member'

New 'member'

Hi there Guys - I’ve been a ‘lurker’ on this site for a little while now and thought that it was time I registered.

I’ve always admired the honesty, openness and intelligence with which the site is operated and contribution made.

A few years ago now I became curious as to whether or not PE was actually possible. Knowing absolutely nothing about the ‘science’ I jumped on-line and found lots of sites claiming that they could increase the length of my penis by ‘28 inches in 1 week’! You know the kind of thing, I’m sure.

Anyway - I gave up my hard earned cash and bought some of these miracle pills. When the package arrived I ripped it open eagerly, hardly able to contain my excitement! Wow, just think, I can simply swallow some of these tablets and watch my penis increase in length and circumference without limit! My God I’d have to buy some baggier trousers and re enforced boxer shorts in case I got an untimely erection!

The packaged contained two bottle with a 60 day supply of supplements in them. Examining the label I began to get that uneasy feeling of being ‘duped’. It looked as if these tablets could have been bought at my local Health Food Shop for a fraction of the price.

But I rallied. Surely they were combined in cunning and scientifically tested amounts (not unlike omega 3, 6, 9 oil supplements) to turn them into miracle growth tablets. Sure, that had to be it!

But hang on a minute! What’s this? A document consisting of 3-4 photocopied bits of paper was also in the package. They seemed to detail various forms of exercises to be performed, by me, on my beloved penis!

Damn - so I couldn’t just take the tablets!

Needless to say that after 60 days the only things that had grown as a result of buying these pills was my credit card debt!

Okay, perhaps I wasn’t really that naive but I was kinda hoping I guess that it would be that simple. I did notice (or believed I noticed) a more turgid erection during this time. Although that could just have been because I was handling my penis so much it made me a randier little bugger than normal.

Fast forward then a few years and here I am, taking a look at this whole topic again.

Why? Dunno really. Hang on, just let me jump up on the couch - I’m not low in self-esteem, or below average size. I’m with my partner of 6 years and everything is great! So why do I feel the urge to increase the size of my penis??

Answers on a postcard if you like. But I intend to get into a routine and perhaps combined with being on this site I may find the answer to that question.

Cheers for listening.

Hiya welcome to the community. Don’t feel bad I did the same thing.. The company said pills were free for a month.. But they charged me for the next month I was like wtf.. These don’t even work and you want me to pay you for them. I canceled my order but still had to dish out 80 bucks. Damn scammers. Any way good luck with your routin and I wish you many gains.


Hey don’t feel bad mate. Shit happens.

The good thing is you joined this forum for free. You will get the kind of information money can’t buy.

Good luck with your routine.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Welcome to the forum. There’s all the support and information you’ll ever need right here at Thunder’s Place. Good luck.

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