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Hi, everybody. I have been here for a almost a week, I posted my pictures and I provided my stat on my thread. Then I realize I never say hi to everyone here. I am Jeff and I am an Asian. I am 18 and I found this forum online. I wish I have found out sooner. I am still planning my routine because I live with my parents and the house rule doesn’t respect privacy which mean I usually can’t practice PE in my room. But I am sure I would be better. I am looking for friends who like to PE and more experienced so we can share thoughts and encourage each other. I don’t care about race or age or sexuality ( I am straight) as long as we have the same goal. If you want to talk to me and share thought you can leave a comment or pm me. I use AIM, yahoo and msn, but I prefer AIM since I barely use the other two. And if a moderator read this, please delete my thread in member pics because I put the wrong stat, I am not bpel 5.3, but I need to get the tape ruler first so I will post a new one when I get my correct stat. If the moderator have other suggestion, please pm me and thank you for your time.

Welcome to the forum, what do we call you for short?

Your other thread is getting some response, so I don’t really want to delete it. Do you want to just change 5.3” to 5.7”?

Horny Bastard


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