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Hi everyone, I joined a couple months ago and have been reading tons of posts, just educating myself on PEing. Anways, I started with the newbie routine on 1/24/07.

5 Min warm wrap
5 min stretching
70 jelqs 3 sec each.
5 min warm wrap

Is this too little? I mean I have a jes extender which I was using before, but not for long and not very consistently..

These are my measurements:

BPFSL: 6.8125”

FG: 4”

FL: 6.5”

EL: 6”

EG: 5.4615”

The reason my EL and BPFSL are diff is because I measured my EL at the top of the penis without pressing to the bone. Got a couple questions tho. First, when I jelq it feels like I am getting no blood build up at the base of my penis, it seems like it is only building up pressure when I get about 1.5”-2” away from the head. I don’t want to have that bat shape effect so is there something I am doing wrong.. Is my errection too low or is it something else? Also, I have read that when you jelq, your pubic hairs tend to start growing higher up on the shaft.. Would it be better if you kept it shaved so that the hair isn’t pulled up and that might help a little, if any.. Or is it just because the skin is being stretched up?

Whether your routine is enough is something you’ll have to gauge. It’s a matter of feeling that the penis has been worked out at the end of the session, have a plumpness that last for some time etc. If you are retracting after the session, this might be a bad sign. If you aren’t feeling like your penis has been well stretched, then up the ante a bit.

It’s worth keeping a note of your BPEL, this is probably what most people would consider a fairly consistent measurement.

When jelqing you need to modify the strength of the grip in alliance with the state of your erection. By now you can probably add a kegel in just ahead of tightening the grip at the base before the stroke moves off. This will help with the base at lower erection level and will intensify the jelq at higher erection levels (be careful).

Pubic hairs growing up the shaft is not what happens, rather the skin stretches in the easiest place it can - at the base, where there’s only a small patch of taut skin. To make the skin stretch elsewhere requires more work. Make the grip above the base slightly and pull the skin down before making the grip more fully for the stroke. Also consider a skin stretch routine (this is especially applicable to circumcised people with a tight cut but also to those left as nature intented or with looser skin).

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Good luck Dipset, and welcome to the forum!

Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS

Ok thanks for the tips, I was thinking that maybe as the jelq moved up towards the glans that I might loosen the grip so that less blood is trapped at the end so that the pressure towards the end of the jelq is closer the pressure towards the base.yes? No?

You should maintain a constant even pressure throughout the whole jelq.

Ok thanks.the thing is, after I finish jelqing I get that bat shaped look and I really don’t want it to develop that way. Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent that, or suggestions on how to create more pressure towards the base. Maybe if with one hand I create the ok grip and apply it about 1 inch before the glans and then with the second hand apply an ok grip at the shaft and start jelqing up so pressure builds up between the two grips. Then as the second grip approaches the first, let the first go and finish the jelq and repeat.? Sound good? Or is that defeating the purpose?

Bpfsl: 6.8125” Fg: 4" Fl: 6.5” El: 6” Eg: 5.4615”

No help? Maybe I am just jelqing at too low of a level. I am probably jelqing around 40% erection because my main aim is to increase length, is that too low? I have another question.. I have read warnings about damaging that top nerve by the glans. But in tutorial video on the forum it looks like the guy is going over the glans. Is masturbating RIGHT after jelqing detrimental?

Bpfsl: 6.8125” Fg: 4" Fl: 6.5” El: 6” Eg: 5.4615”


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