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Hey Everybody,

I just found out about this site a couple of days ago. I had heard about jelqing before but figured it was a bunch of BS. Anyways, I’m equally interested in size and performance (rigidity, etc.) improvements equally. I’m currently 8” bpel and 5.6” eg. I’m not interested in adding huge amounts, I figure any additional length and girth would be great since I’m already relatively happy with my member. I guess 8.5” bpel and 6” eg would be my goal.

Anyways, I tried the LOT thing and it looks like I’m a 6 o’clocker. I’ve never done any PE so I was pretty surprised. Do you guys think adding .5” in bpel is pretty realistic considering my ligaments won’t be able to stretch? I understand the tunica effects the girth whereas the ligaments do not. Anyone with a low LOT number had any success in the length department?

Also, I’m looking forward to chiming in on the posts concerning experiences with women in regards to quality of sex, what chicks really think about dick size (I’ve got a ton of chick friends who are very candid about this), Magnum rubbers, etc.


Welcome. Just remember after PE to put the lotion in the basket. That is all.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Forget about the whole LOT thing and just do the newbie routine. Plenty of guys with high, medium, and low LOT’s gain from the newbie routine. You are quite large to start with and gaining 1/2” is a very realistic goal.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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