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Hey guys,

I’m new to the forum and I am starting up a solid PE routine.

I have experimented with it before, but lost interest after 2 weeks or so. I’m hoping participation in the community can give me the motivation I need to experience the gains I want!

As of now I am 5.75 EL and I haven’t measured my girth as of now yet. I have always considered myself small. It’s nice to see that others are experiencing gains, and I hope I can too!

I will be following the newbie routine for my first few months, and I’ll set up my log and get some pictures in soon.

Thanks for making such a great forum



Sounds like you have a good plan of action and know the “dangers” of going to fast.

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Welcome aboard, I am also new. I just started about a week ago and am experimenting with a routine. I seem to have some gains, but it almost seems to quick. Probably just loosening up. LOL After I get set up and established, I’ll start posting my gains. Good Luck

Welcome aboard. I have the same starting EL as you. I wish you success and good gains.

BPEL - 5.75 inches

BPFSL - 6.25 inches

Being active in the forum helps I have been here for a while now, I would leave but thunder owes me 4 years back pay he says this week for sure:) . Welcome to the forum get involved and make some friends and as time goes by before you know your dick got really big somehow.

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Welcome. Measure your girth soon. Leave a few days between a workout and measuring so you don’t record any post-workout puffiness. Progress is inspiring, but if you don’t take good measurements you won’t know if you’re progressing. You might think you’ll be able to tell by sight or feel, but trust me, those can be deceiving.

You said your length is EL. Bone pressed or not? Record both.

Zaray, I too did PE quite a while ago (some pay site), and I didn’t stick with it. When I joined Thunders, I did the newbie routine EVERY DAY for three weeks to make it a habit. Remember, it’s as easy to start a good habit as it is a bad one! Even if you have to back off on some days, commit the time and effort.

5.75 is a good starting place, and solidly in the average range. You’re going to learn a buttload here, Zaray! Good luck!

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Thanks for all the positive responses.

I still have to learn all the abbreviations for erect length girth and everything but so far:

Flaccid Length - 3.6 Inches

Flaccid Girth - 4.2 inches

Erect Girth - 5.4 inches

Erect length: 5.75 inches.

Bone Pressed Erect Length 5.95 inches.

I’ve noticed that on some days I have stronger erections than others, and so my size in turn changes a little bit but those look like fairly accurate average readings above. I’m surprised at what my girth is, as it always looked very poor to me.(not that it’s very good) But I measured a couple times to be sure.

My short term goal would be 6.5 EL, and 5.75 girth. Long term I would like 7 - 8” EL and 6” girth.

I have gotta go to work, but I will get my log and everything started tonight.

Once again thanks everybody.

Any tips on staying motivated are welcomed. :)

I added the starting measurements/routine to the database.

You have roughly the same EL as me, and also an above-average girth like me (although yours is more above-average than mine). I’ve seen positive changes in my penis during the last 3 weeks or so, I wish you all the best. Welcome.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

That is a good girth man.

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