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New member want to gain about 2 in

New member want to gain about 2 in

Hi I’m new to this forum and I read that people are increasing the size and girt of their penis using stretching and squelching.?

My question is what exactly is it? Is there a guide to how to do them? Also how long would it take for me to gain about 2 inches if possible?

Squelching WTF is that some new way to jelq by tying your dick on to a semi and stretch it out to 500 inches hmmm sounds like fun :D

Originally Posted by pruin4
How long would it take for me to gain about 2 inches if possible?

Depends on how you are dedicated.Don’t rush it.Read the newbie routine and follow it to the core and don’t expect gains right off the bat if it does happen then awesome but you have to go into this with a clear mind and remember even if you don’t gain right off the bat stick with it because if you work at this you will see some great gains.

The following is off the cuff and just my opinion without checking our data base for results and time spent. I will be close to dead on on my length guessing, probably a bit mo’ fuzzy on the time frame.

2 inches is certainly possible; but, very few guys gain 2 inches. Most guys can realisticly expect to gain an inch give or take a bit.

As far as the time frame goes? Some guys will have gains very fast, some guys will go 6 months, a year, or even longer with no gains at all. The vast majority of guys will gain 1/2” or better if they stick with it for a year. That might not sound like much; but, that is an half inch you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Also keep in mind that even a small increase in girth has a huge impact in how much meat you are packing. Even if you go just for length you will get some girth gains in the process.

Why not give the n00b routine a try and see what you think? Enough guys are fast gainers that even if you are not willing to commit to a year or more it is worth investing a month to see what happens. But please remember, safety first:

You only have one Wiener so don’t break it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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