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New Member the number in my name is my goal - if not more

New Member the number in my name is my goal - if not more

New to this forum. Started PE almost 6 months ago and will be taking my first measurement since starting in a few days. Starting length 5.25”(in), ? On girth, did not measure.

Goal is a minimum of 8”.

Wife is a size queen and want to achieve this length as a “gift” for her!

First of all welcome to Thunder’s :) Good luck in your PE journey and may you succeed :) Damn, being married to a size queen must be a real blow to you. I sure as hell don’t want to be married to a size queen. But just be consistent and do the newbie routine first.

I guess that I have my self to blame for this. Now don’t get me wrong, the sex has always been good (for the both of us). I have always been able to bring her to orgasm 2-3 times every time - with the aid of a vibrating massager. But about a year ago I thought that I give her a gift of a large Doc Johnson dildo (8”x6”). I am comfortable with my own sexuality and actually like the fact that she is able to achieve a different “fulfilling” sensation that it gives her. Also, she has given birth to our 3 children so she is a little more stretched out than she was four years ago. Even though she had this dildo she did not use it very much because she said that she preferred me to it.

Anyway, when I started to do by PE we got to talking and I asked her if she wanted me to be bigger (already knowing what that answer would probably be). She said of course she would. I think that this response triggered me to want to start using the dildo on her more, knowing that size did matter in her case, and think that me doing PE made her excited about a bigger penis. So now when we have sex I am able to bring her to orgasm 3-4 times using the dildo and 2-3 times with me, using the dildo first. She is able to take the entire length and width in. Also her orgasm with the dildo are very intense but in turn are equally intense when it is “my turn”. Her orgasms are way more intense since we have been using the dildo than before. When we started to use the dildo more often she was somewhat apprehensive to use it at first but now it is almost to the point where she brings up using it (it has become a regular part of our routine).

There is nothing I like better than being able to see her have multiple orgasms (the more that she has the better it is, for the both of us). So, even thou I like using the dildo on her I am going to continue with my PE so that maybe someday she won’t want to use it at all.

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